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2u is a rendering project using OpenStreetMap data, based on the work of Andy Allan to convert the osm.org style to CartoCSS

Note : Service has been discontinued, styles are still available, but no instance visible


2u stands for "Ugly and Usefull", unlike the "defaut osm.org" style made for many use cases, this one focuses on Openstreetmap contributors. Every thing approved on the wiki and significantly used is meant to be shown on this style, not matter how ugly, the goal is to show them. (Unless there are conflicts with other tags)

2u is also meant to be updated as often as possible for contributors to see their changes quickly

What's up allready

For now, it copies the style from Andy Allan without modifications, it's updated every minutes and tiles should be updated every minutes (or so) for all zooms over 12

code/help/bug reports

The 2u rendering project is meant to be a community built project where every mapper (with technical knowledges) is really welcome to submit patchs to the rendering style. If you wish to do so, please send a pull request (on my github project below) and keep in mind the goal of 2u : Ugly and Usefull, so, be bold, what's good is things to be displayed so we, mappers, know it is here and can validate we haven't made a typo, check weird things, and know we haven't added a super strange, never seen or used object with broken tags. (Topic of what broken tags are beeing another topic ;-) )