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IRC Log from 8th August 2014 Meeting of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Communications Working Group

    1  13:59:47 <wonderchook> hi all the communications working group meeting is going to get started shortly
    2  14:00:22 *** chebizarro (~bizarro@c-98-246-210-103.hsd1.or.comcast.net) has joined #hot
    3  14:00:50 <wonderchook> here is our agenda and minutes: https://hackpad.com/HOT-Communications-Working-Group-Meeting-2-zhAsbP0faBU
    4  14:00:59 <wonderchook> please add yourself in there and say "hi" here if you are participating 
    5  14:01:16 <heatherleson> hey
    6  14:01:18 <heatherleson> here
    7  14:02:47 <russdeffner> Hello
    8  14:03:28 <wonderchook> hi all
    9  14:03:43 <chebizarro> hi
   10  14:03:46 <wonderchook> if you saw we have two agenda items
   11  14:03:48 <wonderchook> unless there are others
   12  14:05:39 <heatherleson> hey chebizarro have we met
   13  14:05:53 <chebizarro> yes, yes we have
   14  14:06:10 <chebizarro> at OSCON 2013 in PDX
   15  14:06:15 <clara> hi
   16  14:07:07 <wonderchook> hi clara! 
   17  14:07:26 <wonderchook> so I don't know everyone saw but I put the outline of a terms of reference together: https://hackpad.com/HOT-Communications-Working-Group-Terms-of-Reference-kR9ANNECtGp
   18  14:07:39 <wonderchook> the idea being that we would flesh it out and then the board would approve it when we are happy with it
   19  14:08:01 <wonderchook> by having the board approve the ToR it gives us some autonomy and authority to operate within the bounds of the working group
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   21  14:12:45 <heatherleson> ok
   22  14:12:58 <chebizarro> I'm not quite sure how this fits in with any strategic plan for HOT or any communications strategy
   23  14:13:14 <chebizarro> would it be part of the working group's remit to develop a communications strategy?
   24  14:14:08 *** CloCkWeRX has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
   25  14:16:40 <wonderchook> well I think the main strategic plan would mention having a communications strategy
   26  14:16:49 <wonderchook> but then the working group would develop it
   27  14:16:52 <heatherleson> y
   28  14:21:48 <wonderchook> I added the part about strategy to the ToR
   29  14:23:01 *** larryone (~larryone@ has joined #hot
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   31  14:24:33 <wonderchook> I'm wondering if conferences should also fall under the group
   32  14:24:44 <wonderchook> meaning determining which ones we want to be at and helping people submit talks
   33  14:27:10 <russdeffner> I think that would almost be a joint effort with the community WG
   34  14:27:43 <wonderchook> yes, I could see that
   35  14:27:54 <wonderchook> determining where the community wants to do outreach
   36  14:28:02 <wonderchook> but then the communications behind it would fall here
   37  14:28:04 <heatherleson> agreed on this
   38  14:28:14 <russdeffner> which at the moment might be mostly the same people, so shouldn't be difficult, just need to 'assign' it to one or the other maybe?
   39  14:31:12 <wonderchook> for the purpose of the ToR we would put something like "Coordinate with Community Working Group to determine HOT's conference attendance and presentations/workshops to be given"?
   40  14:32:42 <heatherleson> would this be a roadblock? sometimes we have no turnaround
   41  14:34:25 <wonderchook> can you elaborate?
   42  14:35:24 <heatherleson> i would not want to have opportunties have to go through 2 working groups
   43  14:35:50 <wonderchook> so I was more talking about seeking opportunities 
   44  14:36:21 <wonderchook> for example if we decided we should be at ISCRAM then we would want to strategize around who attends and what topic they talk about
   45  14:36:29 <wonderchook> so maybe there is a better way to word it
   46  14:36:54 <wonderchook> I got asked to keynote something a couple days ago, they had a specific topic and were asking for me. So I would think in that case I'd inform the working group
   47  14:36:59 <chebizarro> any comms strategy should also look to identify those conferences that you want HOT to be represented at
   48  14:37:48 <chebizarro> so you they can be calendarized well in advance and someone identified to represent the org
   49  14:39:48 <chebizarro> in terms of short notice requests, which would be a good opportunity for HOT to be represented at, I think there should be a protocol
   50  14:40:39 <chebizarro> and a distinction - sometimes people will be invited to talk about a topic because of who they are, not necessarily because of their role within HOT
   51  14:42:28 *** ptressel has quit (Quit: zzz)
   52  14:42:54 <wonderchook> so is there a good way to make this clear in the ToR? Or is this something that would be part of a procedure?
   53  14:43:36 <wonderchook> I mean the point is not to block things from happening, just to have a strategy and intent around it
   54  14:47:08 <chebizarro> I think you can make this clear in a Strategic Communications Opportunity protocol
   55  14:49:33 <russdeffner> still wonder about overlap with Community WG, seeking conferences seems more to that groups objective; maybe Community seeks conferences and finds attendees, Communication helps with material
   56  14:52:35 <wonderchook> well, if people are speaking at a conference that is specifically communications
   57  14:52:42 <wonderchook> so attending a conference is on thing but speaking is another
   58  14:52:53 <wonderchook> just meaning I think communications would have input into that
   59  14:53:13 <wonderchook> I really just think the two groups could have a list of conferences that HOT would like to attend for comms or community reasons
   60  14:53:16 <russdeffner> yes, I meant more speakers, not jus attendees
   61  14:53:17 <wonderchook> and then work out together the details
   62  14:54:30 <russdeffner> i.e. Community does the 'organizing', Communications does the 'support' via working on talking points/presentations/etc.?
   63  14:54:33 <chebizarro> I would see that there would be conferences that were strategic for HOT which you would want to send someone who had some training and experience
   64  14:55:14 <wonderchook> yeah I really think it depends on what conferences we are talking about
   65  14:55:17 <chebizarro> and then you would have other conferences which would be good opportunities for volunteers and others from the community to speak in that capacity
   66  14:55:35 <wonderchook> the other issue is at a big conference there are only a few "big names" in HOT that will be able to get talks accepted
   67  14:56:00 <heatherleson> sorry got called away forwor
   68  14:56:31 <chebizarro> The big conferences are also an opportunity for fundraising and networking with other potential partners/donors
   69  14:56:54 <chebizarro> this should really be done by someone who has the authority to speak on behalf of the board and executive
   70  14:58:42 <wonderchook> so I think the ToR isn't meant to be really specific
   71  14:59:00 <wonderchook> so at the moment how about something about the two "C" working groups working together on conferences?
   72  14:59:12 *** FredB has parted #hot (None)
   73  15:02:36 <russdeffner> how about 'In collaboration with the Community WG, provide support for HOT presence at Conferences and other events"?
   74  15:02:47 <wonderchook> perfect
   75  15:03:04 <russdeffner> ok, will copy it to hackpad
   76  15:03:25 <russdeffner> oh, or you can :)
   77  15:03:25 <wonderchook> beat you to it;)
   78  15:03:37 <wonderchook> so in the ToR hack pad is there anything else missing?
   79  15:03:45 <wonderchook> I was going to flesh it out a bit, but I wanted to make sure the topics were there
   80  15:04:57 <russdeffner> Do we need to touch on language stuff, i.e. how to best communicate with our non-english speaking community?
   81  15:05:52 <wonderchook> I would think that would be in the strategy
   82  15:05:57 <wonderchook> not so much the terms of reference 
   83  15:06:40 <wonderchook> unless we want to specify something about culturally and linguistically appropriate communications
   84  15:06:49 *** harry-wood (~Adium@ has joined #hot
   85  15:07:26 <russdeffner> ok, I think it is acceptable to assume language issues will be fleshed out in strategy building
   86  15:10:22 <wonderchook> I'm thinking we can move on with the meeting
   87  15:10:28 <wonderchook> to the next agenda item
   88  15:10:47 <wonderchook> and I'll make the Hackpad more "terms of referency" prior to the next meeting?
   89  15:10:54 <wonderchook> heatherleson: do you have time to talk webmaker?
   90  15:11:09 <heatherleson> yes I can type
   91  15:12:15 <wonderchook> okay so what is the next step with it/
   92  15:12:16 <wonderchook> ?
   93  15:12:22 <wonderchook> it is hard to argue that it isn't a good idea
   94  15:13:05 <heatherleson> next steps 1 - write hot community and ask
   95  15:13:13 <heatherleson> 2. tell mozilla yes.no
   96  15:14:43 <russdeffner> regarding step 1, just a simple "anyone have objection?" type message?
   97  15:15:13 *** harry-wood has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
   98  15:15:26 <russdeffner> and that would go to whole HOT community or just Members?
   99  15:17:19 <russdeffner> Or, is this WG the group to decide these things? 
  100  15:17:29 <heatherleson> whole
  101  15:19:35 <wonderchook> +1 to whole
  102  15:20:33 <russdeffner> ok, just clarifying
  103  15:20:36 <russdeffner> sounds good
  104  15:22:30 <wonderchook> heather should we write a quick email together in the next couple days and then one person sends it out?
  105  15:22:39 <wonderchook> and by "we" I mean the CWG
  106  15:22:56 <wonderchook> which in this case will be the people attending now and those that said they were interested but couldn't attend?
  107  15:31:48 <heatherleson> yes
  108  15:34:01 <wonderchook> I'll take it as an action item to start the email and then mail everyone
  109  15:34:14 <wonderchook> I had 1 final discussion topic. Which was simply how often should we meet? 
  110  15:35:06 *** pgiraud has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
  111  15:38:17 <russdeffner> Maybe to start out we should shoot for every 1-2 weeks until we get more of the strategy/documentation done, then relax it a bit to once a month?
  112  15:43:33 <wonderchook> I was inclined to every 2 weeks
  113  15:43:36 <wonderchook> for start-up
  114  15:43:41 <wonderchook> so that sounds good
  115  15:43:47 <wonderchook> maybe we'll doodle for the next meeting time
  116  15:43:52 <wonderchook> to make sure we are getting interested parties
  117  15:45:08 <heatherleson> k
  118  15:45:10 *** TOGA (~TOGA@p4FE94BF5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #hot
  119  15:46:55 <wonderchook> so I was going to close the meeting since we ran quite over
  120  15:47:15 <wonderchook> one topic I'd like to discuss next time is recruiting for more participants 
  121  15:47:39 <heatherleson> let’s write descriptions for roles and tasks
  122  15:48:26 <wonderchook> yeah that was exactly what I was thinking. 
  123  15:49:53 *** cquest_ (~cquest@2a01:e34:ecc6:c620:441:7aa9:636c:64b8) has joined #hot
  124  15:51:53 <wonderchook> okay so I'll circulate an agenda and doodle early next week
  125  15:55:43 *** heatherleson has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
  126  15:57:14 <russdeffner> if/when you get the email draft and ToR, please send the links, I would gladly contribute to them
  127  15:57:44 <wonderchook> sure, I'm going to email the participants of the meeting and the other people that showed interest
  128  15:58:27 *** cquest_ has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
  129  15:58:39 <russdeffner> ok, great