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A Photo Manager
Screenshot of A Photo Manager
Author: klaus3b (k3b)
License: GNU General Public License (free of charge)
Platform: android (android-4.0 and up)
Version: (35) (2018-02-11)
Languages: Arabic, German, English, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese (China), and Chinese (Taiwan)
Website: https://github.com/k3b/APhotoManager/wiki
Source code: https://github.com/k3b/APhotoManager
Programming language: Java

Android gallery app that can show/edit geotags of photos through a map

A free Android App to manage local photos: geo map, find, sort, view, copy, delete, set gps exif data, send, ... .


  • Enhanced android Gallery app with map support for local images.
  • Shows photos in a geographic map from openstreetmap
  • Buildin file manager for photos: find, sort, view, copy, delete, Show in map, send, ... .
  • Edit Phtoto Meta Data (Title, Description, Tags(Keywords), Date, Gps, Rating)
  • Fast find local photos by (sub-)folder, Tags(Keywords), Date and/or geographic map.
  • Optional Folder-Rule based based autoprocessing: Photos are automatically renamed and get tags, geo, title, ... when you copy/move them (new in 0.6.3)
  • Mark images as "PRIVATE" to hide them from other Gallery-Apps and image pickers. (new in 0.6.3)
  • App protection/Extended App Pinning (aka "Kiosk Mode", "LockTask") (new in 0.6.3)
    • Allow to savley hand over your phone to someone else and allow him/her to view only those images that you have chosen before.
    • Advanced pinning means that dangerous app-commands like edit/copy/delete/share/settings or selecting other photos are disabled while the app is pinned.
  • Can handle big image collections (15000+ images in 1000+ folders)
  • Uses Android's image content-provider. No initial image scan neccessary.
  • Support for exif, xmp, iptc (readonly)
  • Small binary footprint. (APK file size is about 1.3MB for version 0.6.1)
  • The Filter-View can find images via
    • folder (with hierarchical Folder-Picker).
      • Non-relevant folders are hidden from folder picker (i.e. they have no images inside) .
    • wildcards that match folder/filename
    • date
    • area in geographic map (if image has GPS Exif info)
    • Tags (Keywords), title, description (new in version 0.6.0)
      • Searchcriteria can be saved to and later be retrieved from Bookmarks.
  • Show results in a scrollable [1]gallery view] with
    • support for multiple photo selection
    • file operations copy, move, delete, share, show in map, set geo
  • Image view features
    • image zoom
    • swiping for next/previous image
    • show extended image info (Exif, IPTC, XMP, ICC)
      • file operations copy, move, delete, rename, share, show in map, set geo
      • can be opened from any filemanager or android-s gallery
  • The geographic map
    • shows markers at places where photos were taken.
      • can be opened as a map-viewer from any app that support "geo:"-uri-s
      • can be opened as a "geo:" picker to select a location from a map or photo
  • File operations
    • will also update Android's image content-provider-database
    • update xmp-sidecar-files
    • preserve file date if local android supports it.



A Photo Manager is based on

  • Osmdroid library for showing the map (online version downloading the map tiles from openstreetmap) and
  • Mapsforge library for showing the map (offline version. Map files have to be manually generated or downloaded) and
  • k3b-geoHelper library for processing and persisting geo-uris