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Project suggestions

Linking existing council data resources - https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/ and their archives

Following FOI request logs

Community centre skills exchange - also reporting and results on activities

Distributed research on local area, "dashboard" for local events (a bit like ALISS http://www.aliss.org/ but by and for organisations?)

Links to relevant data

"Match the city" social network map http://matchthecity.org https://twitter.com/matchthecity

Cove in Bloom http://www.cove-bay.com/Cove%20in%20Bloom.php by http://altenscc.btck.co.uk/

Gmap of aberdeenshire, NE scotland schools :/ - these are manually contributed from the Aberdeen city archivists and hosted on Google Maps Engine https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=z8RRvQYE6Eh4.koeZKoAO8eRE

GMap of air raid incidents in Aberdeen: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?ll=57.145367,-2.121391&t=h&source=embed&ie=UTF8&msa=0&spn=0.06519,0.145912&z=12&mid=z8RRvQYE6Eh4.kO6dzF4En4RM

Local history archives for air raids, maps: http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/education_learning/local_history/archives/loc_cityandshireairraids.asp

Online exhibition of air raid materials from Aberdeenshire schools: http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/education_learning/local_history/archives/loc_onlineexhibitionschoollifeairraids.asp


Angus council are meant to be paragons of open source GIS and open format usage

Aberdeen council are running a CKAN instance which migration issues is holding data back for

Planning / roads folks are tied to the official corporate address gazetteers - "definitive national address system for scotland" -> improvement service -> one scotland gazetteer

OSM support materials for Aberdeen workshop

http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/7A5 Overpass query for schools by neiljp

Aberdeen area: boundingBox=-2.345,57.067,-1.875,57.216;

Or more limited: -2.19822,57.1085,-2.06290,57.21849

And in overpass order: 57.09373813394136,-2.2137451171875,57.21607653580686,-2.0101547241210938

Example geojson gist of extracted Aberdeen cycleways:


Example of a past user edit to a cycleway:


General cycling resources from OSM


http://www.opencyclemap.org/ - shows NCN official routes

Cycle facilities queries

Using Overpass_turbo http://overpass-turbo.eu/

 This query looks for all nodes and ways marked as cycle paths in overpass - zoom in on Aberdeen
 // gather results
   // query part for: “cycleway=*”
 // print results
 out body;
 out skel qt;


Disconnected items in the catalogue - hierarchical organisation, ranked rather than linked, investment in knowledge by archivists - doesn't match user expectations

category filtering, cross-referencing

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISAD%28G%29 - "we already don't catalogue properly" "somebody extracts a title" - a DRY approach to hierarchical data - thus date ranges disconnected from record types

sub-series and sub-collections

archival technical terms, catalogue specifics, contracts to maintain :/

access (use of interface) & *re-use*