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Available languages — Accounts
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This page lists all accounts (i.e. username/password combinations) that you may need to participate in different areas of OSM.

You do not need to enter the passwords often: Most websites offer (on login) to remember your session via a permanent cookie across browser restarts. Most "offline" OSM editors save the editing authorisation (not necessarily the password for security reasons) on your computer.


OpenStreetMap account

Main article: OpenStreetMap account

This is the main account used by the project, create an OSM account.

It can be used for:

OpenStreetMap working data (nodes, ways, relations)

  • no account required for downloading the whole data from the planet file.
  • no account required for read access to data through the API (used by most editors e.g. JOSM).
  • OSM account required for write access to data through the API (used by most editors e.g. JOSM).

GPS tracks

  • no account required for looking at tracks via and downloading individual tracks in GPX format, or for downloading GPS points through the API.
  • OSM account required for uploading tracks, and for accessing the "my tracks" list.

Trac (bug tracker)

  • no account required for querying/viewing tickets
  • OSM account required to create new tickets or add comments to existing tickets.
  • Unfortunately email addresses are displayed publicly with no anti-scraping obfuscation


  • OSM account required for posting replies or start a new discussion
  • no account required to view the archives on the web

Help question and answer site

Main article:
  • no account required for viewing or searching previous questions and answers
  • OSM account or OpenID account required to ask questions, answer questions and vote on questions or answers
  • Note that some moderation tasks (eg editing questions or answers) are only possible if you have a number of karma points.

Many other apps...

OpenStreetMap provides an OAuth access and authentication mechanism which can be used by other applications on the web and elsewhere. When using one of these apps you'll be prompted to authorize with OpenStreetMap, and you'll be shown which permissions the app is requesting.

Mailing lists

  • registration required for receiving emails, and sending (posting) to the lists. Registration here.
  • no account required to view the archives on the web
  • Password given out by mailman but not really needed for anything.
  • For sending to the list, you will need to be registered with your 'from' email address.
  • If you send, your email addresses gets displayed publicly in the archives, but with some anti-scraping obfuscation.

Wiki (what you're currently reading)

  • no account required for read access.
  • wiki account required for creating or changing pages. Can be created here.
  • Your wiki account information will usually be saved in your browser so that you don't have to type it in every time (tick 'remember me')
  • Email address is never displayed publicly in the wiki
  • Confirm your email address in order to receive user talk page notifications

SVN access (OSM software)

  • no account required for downloading things
  • SVN account required to make changes or upload new software. SVN accounts can be requested from the administrator of the SVN server. See System Administrators.
  • Account information can be saved by SVN in local files to avoid having to enter it every time you upload something.
  • The JOSM editor resides in an SVN repository of its own and you will need an extra account for it. Use JOSM-Trac if you want to participate in JOSM development. If you just want to submit an one-shot patch, simply put that in a ticket (no account required).

Why not just one account? - Single sign on

People have suggested and discussed the possibility of unifying all of these accounts and logins. This involves some development effort which hasn't happened yet. See Develop/Single sign on

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