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An OpenStreetMap Account allows you to begin edit the map data to make contributions to the map. It also allows you to upload new GPS data. It is a separate system from the wiki editing accounts (unfortunately). See Accounts for an overview of all account types in the OSM ecosystem.

Creating an Account

Create an OSM account at:

Fill in your email address. Enter it twice, making sure you type it correctly, and remember which one you used. This is the primary means of identifying you. We don't display email addresses directly in public or even to other logged in users (See Privacy Policy#Email Addresses)

Choose a "Display Name". This gets displayed to other users, so think about how you would like to be addressed. Many decide to use real names, but this is not required (Space character is allowed).

Choose a password. As usual... avoid using dictionary words, don't use the same password as your bank account, and enter it twice to ensure no problems with typos.

Click 'Sign up'

On the next page you are presented with the "Contributor Terms". This contributor agreement is made between you and The OpenStreetMap Foundation. It clarifies the intellectual property rights in any map data you contribute. If you live in France or Italy, select these options in the top picker. For legal reasons we present translated and slightly modified legal text to French and Italian residents. For everyone else, leave it on "Rest of the world". Unofficial translations are available in various languages at Open Database License/Contributor Terms.

Choose whether you agree to release your contributions to the public domain (tick) or not (untick) Declaring your contributions to be public domain is up to your free choice. Not selecting this option will not prevent your account creation or effect your contributions to OSM negatively in any other way. See Pros and cons of contributing data public domain for some explanation of this choice.

Click the "Accept" button when you're to proceed.

You should now receive a confirmation email asking you to click a link to make sure the email address is really yours.

If the confirmation email doesn't arrive, you should check your 'spam' folder, and perhaps refresh your inbox after a few minutes. If you still don't find the email or if you've forgotten the password for your OSM account, you can reset the password at

We also have different accounts for some other systems related to OpenStreetMap: See Accounts for details.

Account Names and Multi Account Policies

OpenStreetMap neither requires you to use your real name, nor to stick to one account. You are free to use your real name as your account name, and many mappers do, but you can also choose any pseudonym you like. Also, you may create multiple accounts if you want - for example if you are so privacy-conscious that you do not want anyone to make a connection between the edits you made when you were on vacation and those you made at home. (There are even situations where we specifically ask you to use a separate account, namely when participating in data imports.)

Please do not abuse these freedoms. In particular, please:

  • do not create multiple accounts with the sole purpose of misleading others (e.g. to make it appear like many different people are somehow "on your side" when it's just you, or to cover up the fact that you're spamming OSM with paid advertising);
  • do not create accounts with names that you know will offend people;
  • do not create accounts that impersonate others.
  • do not create new accounts or use alternate accounts in an attempt to evade cancellation or suspension of your user account(s), as this violates the OpenStreetMap Foundation Services Terms of Use.

Renaming the account

Users can change the display name of their account at any time in the settings. This can be problematic if other users want to keep track of the actions of a user because most of the website and API rely on user names for identification. Using Who's That one can find the display names related to a user.

Recovering a Lost Password

If you forgot your password we'll email you a new one. Just go to the Forgotten Password form. You will need your email address.

Forgotten which email address you registered with? Well now that's a problem, but all is not lost. See Question:How to recover OSM password without knowing email?

Changing Your Password

To change your password, Go to your profile's settings (found by going to: and under the password and confirm password fields, enter in your new password.


Typically there's no need to delete an account on It's no problem to simply leave it lying dormant. Want to remove identifying information? #Renaming the account is easy, as is editing your profile description. If you do want to completely delete your account for some reason: log-in, go to My Settings and use the 'Delete Account...' button. Please take note of the warning: The account deletion process is final, and cannot be reversed! You will also see details of exactly what is being deleted. If you have further queries about the deletion process or the retained information you can send an email to the support address. Please send the email from the email account associated with your OSM account.