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The OpenStreetMap website offers anyone with an OSM account a space to maintain a diary, which is a lot like a personal blog but dedicated to OpenStreetMap topics.

Accessing User Diaries

  • You can access an individual user's diary by visiting their user page ( and following the "My Diary" link.
  • You can access a collection of all user diary entries, in reverse chronological order, directly from the OpenStreetMap homepage.
  • From your Dashboard, you can also access a reverse chronological list of your friends' diary entries.
  • You can access an RSS feed of diary entries by adding /rss to the URL of any diary list page, for example for a feed of all Diary entries.

Writing a Diary Entry

You are free to write about anything related to OpenStreetMap, for example your personal experiences with OSM, events you attended or organized, or technical topics.

You can use the kramdown markup language to add things like headers, images and tables to your post. You can access a preview of the final look of your post while writing.

OSM does not offer image hosting, so if you want to include images in your post, you should upload them somewhere else and link to them.

Refrain from posting spam and off-topic content and keep the Community Code of Conduct (Draft) in mind when writing your entry.


You are free to write in the language you feel most comfortable with. Please select the language of your entry from the menu on the New Diary Entry page. This helps readers find entries in a particular language.

To read only diary entries written in a specific language, you can add the two-letter ISO language code to the User Diaries URL. For example, to read entries in Dutch only, use

Editing an existing post

After you post an entry, you can edit it by clicking "Edit this entry" at the bottom of the post.

Commenting on an Entry

Diaries are a great place to have a dialog with other mappers. There is a comment box below each diary post. You can use Markdown in comments just like you would when writing an entry.

Please stay on topic and be respectful towards each other when commenting. Refer to Community Code of Conduct (Draft) for guidance.

When you comment on a diary entry, you will receive an email when someone else adds another comment. As the author of a diary entry, you will receive an email when the first comment is posted.

Searching Diary Entries

While the OSM web site does not have any built in functionality to search for content in the diaries, you can use your favorite search engine to do a targeted search.


To search for posts that have the term openstreetcam in them, you can use "openstreetcam" inurl:diary in the DuckDuckGo search box.

Reporting Spam or Inappropriate Content

If you come across an entry that is clearly spam or inappropriate, please use the Report This Entry link that appears at the bottom of each entry.