Adding Canadian Aboriginal Boundaries

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There are 3 levels of administrative grouping for First Nation.

  • Tribal Council: contains multiple First Nations groups. Not all First Nations are part of a tribal council. Since they mostly operate within provinces, it makes sense to give them admin_level=5.
  • First Nation: The basic administrative unit. They typically have a population somewhere between a few hundred and a few thousand. They get admin_level=6.
  • Indian Reserve: a parcel of land that is owned/used by a First Nation. Some reserves are shared by multiple First Nation groups. They get admin_level=8.

Importing Indian Reserve data

  1. Find which First Nations groups use which reserves on the government's First Nation Profiles webpage.
  2. Download the relevant shapefiles from NRCan
  3. Import them into JOSM (you'll need the OpenData plugin)
  4. Fix up the tagging, and set up the administrative boundaries.

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