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Progress Matrix Yahoo Imagery for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The Yahoo Image coverage is now available as a way in the database: Yahoo Coverage Addis Ababa

In-place Coordination

I decided to try and approach for coordination that is OSM based (and not wiki based). The coordination is done by the new tag coordination.

There is

  • coordination=yahoo : scope of yahoo coverage
  • coordination=area : selected area that should be done by one person

the coordination=area tag

  • reserved_by: user who is currently working on this
  • percentage:landuse: completeness of landuse
  • percentage:highway: completeness of highways

This tag shall be applied to the upper-right node of an area.

How to participate

  1. select one of the relations (type=coordination) (for example A2)
  2. the types of the role border describe the area you may want to work in
  3. start working
  4. update the status tags
  5. remove the reserved_by tag after you are finished


Master Relation to show the whole area: Master

Comments / Brainstorming

  • Maybe it is not very reasonable to make a fixed raster at all - why not need border data of subcities and so on --- but what if you do not know them yet
  • Also the concept with relations can be used with real borders as well