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Africover ( and DELPHA ( are UN agencies that maintain collections of public domain GIS base layer data for a number of countries in Africa. We have been granted special permission to import these layers into OSM. We are primarily interested in their road and river layers.

Current Status

We began importing data during the week of April 20th 2009. We encountered a number of problems with the new API similar to those reported on the OSM-Talk listserv that we are currently working to correct. Once the layers below marked *in progress* are completed and verified, we can think about moving onto the rest.

Layer Source Status
Burundi Roads Africover DONE
Burundi Rivers Africover
DRC Roads Africover DONE
DRC Rivers Africover
Egypt Roads Africover In Progress
Egypt Rivers Africover
Eritrea Roads Africover
Eritrea Roads DEPHA
Eritrea Rivers Africover
Ethiopia Roads DEPHA In Progress (User: DEPHA Import AddisMap)
Ethiopia Rivers DEPHA
Ethiopia Rails DEPHA
Kenya Roads Africover In Progress
Kenya Rivers Africover
Kenya Rails DEPHA
Rwanda Roads Africover DONE
Rwanda Rivers Africover
Somalia Roads DEPHA
Sudan Roads Africover DONE
Sudan Rivers Africover
Sudan Rails Africover
Tanzania Roads Africover DONE
Tanzania Rivers Africover
Uganda Roads DEPHA
Uganda Rivers DEPHA

Future Plans

As show above, there are still a number of potentially useful layers that could be imported. Since announcing the project, we have received emails and messages from several members of the OSM community interested in taking part in this import. Once the first batch of data is successfully imported and QA'd, we can work with those who are interested to finish the importing remaining data made available by Africover and DEPHA.