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Alajuela, Costa Rica

latitude: 10.0032, longitude: -84.2231
Browse map of Alajuela 10°00′11.52″ N, 84°13′23.16″ W
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Alajuela is a city in Costa Rica at latitude 10°00′11.52″ North, longitude 84°13′23.16″ West.

This page is empty as the main Language of Alajuela is Spanish, take a look at the Spanish version:

Any translation help will be appreciated.

Public Transport


For a comprehensive list of bus routes in Alajuela, please refer to Bus routes in Costa Rica, on the section Bus routes in Alajuela.


The train route "Alajuela - Heredia - San José" operates consistently in Alajuela. The train route has been mapped, and the relationship exists with outdated information (fare, schedule and others).


Documentation on Taxi Stops in Alajuela (and Costa Rica in general) is nowhere to be found.

A project to address this lack of documentation could cover the following:

  • How to map taxi stops in Costa Rica.
  • Documentation on how taxis operate in Costa Rica.
  • Documentation on Taxi network operators per province.
  • Mapping of official Taxi Stops.


Transportation platforms such as Uber, Didi, inDrive and others have been operating in Costa Rica for some time now; Even though the legal status of such platforms is to be defined, and the government has requested them to stop operating, there's no indication that they will stop operating in Costa Rica.