Alameda County Address Import

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Import Alameda County California address points and merge with current data


David Chiles plans to have it finished by the end of 2013.

Import Data


Data source site:
Type of license: Public Domain

OSM Data Files

Data files and developement can be found on github

Import Type

Address import using JOSM for each city to be imported separately

Data Preparation

Tagging Plans

  • addr:unit
  • addr:housenumber
  • addr:street
  • addr:city
  • addr:postcode

Changeset Tags

  • Changeset Description: Alameda County Address import - (city name)
  • Source: Alameda County California 2012

Data Transformation

  1. Translate shape file to one osm file with ogr2osm
  2. Split osm file into smaller city osm files
  3. Merge with exisiting OSM data

Data Transformation Results

The generated OSM files can be found at [[1]].

Data Merge Workflow

Plan to use

Team Approach

[[User:dchiles|David Chiles] is importing the OSM file geometry manually.


  1. Clone
  2. Unzip data
  3. Use ogr2osm translate to osm file
  4. Split osm file into individual cities
  5. Merge each city with existing osm file using
  6. Manual inspect and check for errors in JOSM for each city
  7. Upload from JOSM