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Available languages — Ally
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Screenshot of ally
Author: door2door
License: (free of charge)
Platforms: Android and iOS
Languages: English and German

ally (formerly allryder) is a civic technology startup in Europe. At its headquarters in Berlin, employees from more than 20 nations develop a global platform for urban transportation data.

ally's vision is a world of data-driven mobility, where we experience self-driving mass transit. They do this by building a local transport app, powered by a global platform for local transport data in order to improve the daily commute.

Many of ally's products use OpenStreetMap data. ally employs GIS stuff that actively improves the map through data the company sources.

Team members

Here are the OpenStreetMap user accounts of the ally team. For any questions, please get in touch with the team member listed or with Uli Strötz.

Team Guidelines

In addition to the rules that apply to everyone in the community, ally uses the same guidelines as the Mapbox data team:

  1. We listen to community. We are looking for your feedback on how to make a better map. Get any time in touch with any of the our data team members. For general feedback message Uli Strötz.
  2. Quality is paramount. We hold ourselves to the highest mapping standards as documented on the OpenStreetMap Wiki or as established as common practice in the community.
  3. Local knowledge first. Where in any doubt, the locally surveyed information prevails over remote updates.
  4. We disclose all ongoing mapping efforts here on this OpenStreetMap Wiki page.
  5. All full time data team members will be listed here on this OpenStreetMap Wiki page and identified on their user profiles.
  6. Where possible we use public tools for coordinating work, allowing anyone in the community to participate.


Please send any general feedback on ally's work on OpenStreetMap to Uli Strötz.


  • Mapping the public transport system in Dar es Salaam with the World Bank (Dar es Salaam/Transport wiki page)
  • Mapping the public transport system in Lusaka, Zambia (Lusaka wiki page)
  • Ongoing highway data improvement through our in app user-feedback
  • Mapathon to remotely map Dar es Salaam (read)
  • Improving highway data in Istanbul (read)
  • Adding/Updating public transport stops and routes/relations to Rio de Janairo (Rio de Janeiro/Public transport wiki page)

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