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Available languages — Alminav
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Screenshot of Alminav
Author: almica
License: Proprietary (free, InApp payment)
Platform: Android
Version: 2.0.0 (2018-11-21)
Languages: German and English
Website: in googlePlay
Programming language: Java

Android offline navigation - Mapsforge vector maps - Offline route calculation - Display maps with contourlines - GPS recording as kml or gpx file - Import KML and GPX routes - Elevation and velocity charts

Alminav is an Android navigation app for hiking and cycling

Alminav is a smartphone app for hikers, cyclists, and other outdoor exthusiasts. One of its main advantages is that it can function offline, as signals in the rural areas are often very weak. Maps can be downloaded in advance, and are vectored so as to not take up a lot of space in the phone's storage. Poi databases offer the option to explore on the map cities, streets, restaurants, accomodations, doctors, banks, sport areas, mountains, attractions and more. For trips between two places, the app can plan a walking, biking or car route. You can opt for the fastest or shortest routes. Navigation works offline with downloaded maps.


  • Map view using vector maps (MapsForge format) with OpenStreetMaps data
  • Offline route calculation
  • Display maps with contourlines
  • GPS recording as kml or gpx file
  • Import KML and GPX routes
  • Elevation chart
  • Velocity chart
  • Speedometer
  • GPS Status display
  • Street search
  • City search
  • Poi Database


Map tiles

Big map tiles coverage

Map tiles have different sizes and an extension of several longitudes and latitudes. Example: The section n48e005_2x2 contains the area between the latitudes north 48 ° and 50 ° (2 latitudes) and between the longitude east 5 ° and 7 ° (2 longitudes). The large map tiles cover a large part of Europe. From Scandinavia only Denmark and southern Sweden are included.

Map styles

Map styles (renderthemes) can be used to change the display of maps:

  • Simply Hike
  • Outdoor
  • Military
  • Osmarender
  • NigthView


The limitation of maps import can be removed by in app purchases. One map tile can be imported for free.



Version 2.0.0 (Nov 21, 2018)

  • The user interface has been simplified.
  • There is only one map view left.
  • There is only one kind of map left (large maptiles).
  • There is no route guidance anymore, the route is only displayed.