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Screenshot of AndRoad
Author: Fabien Carrion
License: GNU General Public License
Platform: Android
Version: (2011-03-21)
Language: English
Source code:

Open-source fork of AndNav2

AndRoad ([1]) is an OpenStreetMap-based navigation app for Android. It was forked from AndNav2 in December 2010, after a long period of lack of any updates from the developer of AndNav2.

Project without active development since 2011[1].


  • Turn-By-Turn Navigation
  • Location-Lookup
  • POIs
  • Text-2-Speech Instructions
  • Traffic-Feeds
  • Contact-Search
  • 4-day Weather Forecast
  • Via-Points
  • Avoid-Areas
  • accessibility-study (aka 'Where can I get in 30 minutes')
  • TpegML Traffic-Feeds
  • contribute back GPS traces to the OSM project


For support see the Androad Google Group.

qcode for easy download