Arkansas Situs Address Points Import

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Situs Address Points Import


Situs Address file on Geostor

Copyright/License status

Per correspondence with Arkansas Geographic Information Office, this data set is in fact public domain, as implied by the shapefile metadata.

County Status


Data retrieved as shapefile from GeoStor in WGS84 lat/long projection and processed using ogr2osm with a filter (to be posted when finalized) which translates keys to OSM format and expands abbreviations.

The dedicated username wierdo-araddr will be used to perform this import.


Tags/keys were translated as follows:

GeoStor Key(s) OSM Key Description
ADR_NUM NUM_SUF addr:housenumber Number component of address, suffix of number component (ex. 1/2)
PPRE_DIR PSTR_NAME PSTR_TYPE PSUF_DIR addr:street Directional prefix, street name, street type, directional suffix
ADR_CITY addr:city Mailing address city
ADR_ZIP5 addr:postcode
DATE_ED usar_addr:edit_date Date of latest edit (on GeoStor)

Additionally, addr:full is derived from addr:housenumber, addr:street, and the UNIT_TYP and UNIT_ID keys, if they exist, as some apartment complexes and office buildings have the units individually identified.

Other source keys

This list is not exhaustive

GeoStor Key Description
ADR_PLACE Named place near/within which address point is located, if any
ADR_MUNI Municipality in which point is located, which may differ from mailing address above
ADR ZIP4 +4 extension of ZIP code
ADR_ZIP9 Full ZIP+4 code for address point
CNTY_NAME Name of county in which address point is located
ADR_LABEL Full mailing address (abbreviated per USPS guidelines, not including city, state, zip)

Notes on the data


While there are a few true duplicate points in the source data, those seem to be fairly rare, and are removed when processed by ogr2osm. However, in some counties, apartments were handled by duplicating the point for the building and populating the UNIT_TYP and UNIT_ID fields to distinguish between them. I consider these useless for OSM's purposes, so I let ogr2osm remove the apparent duplicate points rather than handling that situation in a more graceful manner. A side effect is that the addr:full field will be populated with whatever addressing data was encountered last in the shapefile.

In other counties, the points for the individual units do not share the same coordinates, therefore all of the points were imported and there are multiple points per structure.


I (Wierdo) would like to thank each of the involved counties for making their data available for distribution. Without them, there would be no data to import.