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Polygon data for the limits of the arrondissement is available on the site. There may be other data there to import but right now this page concerns only the polygon data.

The data is available in DXF and SHP formats. It also includes names. The coordinates system is SCoPQ (Système de coordonnées planes du Québec) fuseau 8 (?) and the geodesic datum is NAD 83.


10 meter resolution, according to the source.


The license of the dataset is a modified CC-BY-SA licence. It is unclear if this is compatible with the license is OK for the Openstreetmap license, let alone for the new Open_Database_License...

So to be determined.


Something from Import/Shapefile probably...


Before the import, we need to:

  1. call out to the Talk:Montreal page (done)
  2. write the mailing list (done)
  3. clear up licensing issues (in progress: contacted the city)
  4. determine the tag prefix and document below
  5. determine the source=* tag and document below
  6. wait for feedback from the community
  7. determine the software (Import/Shapefile in particular) to use and how to use it
  8. read and abid to the Automated Edits/Code of Conduct

During the import, we need to:

  1. Using_the_dev_server
  2. use a dedicated user account
  3. Consider a Revert if things look wrong
  4. consider simplifying

Also update parent page (Import/Catalogue) when any progress is done here.

Tags used

TBD. Import/Guidelines#Define_your_own_tag_prefix

Sample data

(Link to sample data imported on the test database.)

Live data

(Link to example data imported on the live database.)


(User name of the account performing the import, and other details of how the changesets will be tagged)


This page was made from Import/Guidelines#Document_your_import_on_the_wiki, there may be other guidelines there to keep in mind...

Also note that I have tried to map the "Plateau mont-royal" polygon by hand only with moderate success: Nominatim still doesn't see it as a polygon], although OSM does see it as a polygon (with the relation!). I am therefore worried of the complexity of this import. --TheAnarcat 01:53, 8 December 2011 (UTC)