Asda stores in the United Kingdom

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Asda have given permission for the store data on their website to be used in OpenStreetMap. [1]


In Q4 2017 RobJN downloaded the store data, filtered just for those petrol stations that are standalone and compared the results to OpenStreetMap data using OSM Conflator. The resultant file was fed in to OSM_Conflator#Community_Validation and was validated. Validation comments related to the existing OSM data (out of scope) or where aspirational (e.g. the ask for a better number than a non-geographic number):

{"593": {"fixme": "Name sounds more like a descripton. Should it be changed?"}, "678": {"fixme": "Fix name and remove operator"}, "679": {"fixme": "Remove operator tag"}, "674": {"fixme": "Remove operator tag. Position is a few metres further SE."}, "675": {"fixme": "Standardise capitalisation"}, "676": {"fixme": "Check name (sound more like a description)"}, "684": {"fixme": "extent"}, "683": {"fixme": "Is there a better number than the non-geographic one?"}, "682": {"fixme": "Remove operator tag. Is there a better number than the non-geographic one?"}}

A question about a suspected incorrect telephone number turned out to be wrong - I rang it and they answered!

As such the import of 19 standalone petrol stations was completed (changeset). The fixme tags were subsequently resolved manually (changeset).

  1. domdomegg Asda email chain, 15 June 2015