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This page is solely concerned with administrative boundaries of and within Ashfield District.

To date, most boundaries have been derived from NPE mapping. They therefore may have changed. Furthermore NPE mapping is often quite difficult to interpret for boundaries (for instance running along streams or tracks). In some cases it is not possible to find the complete boundary of a unit using NPE. In practice most civil parishes exist pretty much in the same boundaries as they did around 1940-50: so this provides a useful starting point.

Ideally all boundaries would be supported by underlying ways tagged with boundary=administrative. For pragmatic reasons it is possible to use other ways (roads, rivers) within a boundary relation (particularly when mapping the boundary separately would be excessively tedious), BUT there is always the danger that the boundary is moved or otherwise changed by edits on the non-boundary way.

User:SK53 creates short linking ways between proper boundaries and these proxy ways. When most of a boundary is available and the relation can be completed, but data are missing a similar approach is used. Both such boundary ways are tagged with source=interpolation. SK53 20:43, 19 May 2009 (UTC)

District Boundary

Ashfield District. relation 154043

Civil Parish Boundaries

  • Hucknall. relation tba.