Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway

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The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway was one of the major freight and passenger railroads in the midwest and southwest U.S. until 1970, and is now part of BNSF. Lines formerly operated by it or a subsidiary should be tagged old_railway_operator=AT&SF in addition to railway=rail (if still in use) or railway=abandoned.

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Trains/ICC valuations for a chronology (which may have some errors) of lines constructed by the AT&SF and predecessors, compiled by the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1915-18. Also see a list of lines from 1914.

Below is a list (roughly complete) of ex-AT&SF lines, with mapping status.

Non-Texas lines

Name Segment From To Status Notes
(main) 7000 20th Street and Stewart Avenue (Chicago) Big Blue Junction (Kansas City) complete
(main) 7100 Santa Fe Junction (Kansas City) Ellinor complete
(main) 7300 Ellinor Isleta (via La Junta) incomplete
(main) 7305 Isleta Dalies
(main) 7200 Dalies Ferry Point (Point Richmond) trackage rights from Mojave to Kern Junction
Pekin District Ancona Pekin complete except Pekin end trackage rights from Streator Junction to Pekin Junction
St. Joseph District North Lexington St. Joseph complete except St. Joseph end
St. Joseph Winthrop abandoned early; probably in same location as CRI&P line (over which AT&SF had trackage rights)
Atchison District 7102 Atchison Topeka complete except Atchison to Parnell (how did it interact with the other lines, and which one remains?) trackage rights from Atchison to St. Joseph
(main) 7101 Holliday Junction Topeka complete
Leavenworth District Wilder Hawthorne complete
Lawrence District Lawrence Ottawa Junction complete
(main) 7102 Topeka Emporia Junction complete
Alma District Burlingame Alma complete
Alma Manhattan abandoned 1898
(main) Ottawa Junction Tulsa incomplete trackage rights from Caney to KS-OK line
Burlington District Burlington Junction (Ottawa) Gridley complete
Colony District Colony Yates Center complete
(main) 7118 Chanute Benedict Junction complete
(main) Benedict Junction Emporia Junction complete mileposts decreased in both directions from Madison Junction
Fredonia District 7118 Benedict Junction Longton complete
Howard District Madison Junction Moline complete
Girard District Chanute Chicopee complete
Coffeyville District Cherryvale Coffeyville complete except in Coffeyville
(main) Independence Longton complete
(main) 7118 Longton Southern Kansas Junction (Wellington) complete
Cedar Vale District Havana Cedar Vale complete
Pawhuska District Owen Osage Junction incomplete built 1923-7
Osage City District Quenemo Osage City complete
(main) 7100 Ellinor Florence Junction (Eldorado) complete built 1924 except Gladstone to Bazar (and Ellinor to Gladstone abandoned early and later rebuilt)
(main) 7100 Florence Junction (Eldorado) Waynoka complete
Eldorado District 7103 Augusta Winfield complete AKA Douglass District
Mulvane District 7100 East Junction (Wilkes) West Junction complete built later?
Englewood District Englewood Junction (Mulvane) Englewood complete
Wellington Southern Kansas Railway abandoned early; exactly where was this?
Hunnewell District 7313 Wellington Tonkawa complete
Caldwell District Wellington Caldwell complete portion in Caldwell became Depot Spur after rest was abandoned
Medicine Lodge District 7123 Attica Belvidere Junction complete
Kiowa District Kiowa Medicine Lodge complete
Enid District 7104 Kiowa Guthrie trackage rights from Blanton Junction to Enid
Strong City Neva abandoned early
Strong City District 7301 Neva Superior Junction (KS-NE line) complete
Salina District Abilene Osborne complete
Minneapolis District Manchester Barnard complete
Bazar District Strong City Gladstone complete
Eldorado District Florence Florence Junction (Eldorado) complete
McPherson District Florence Ellinwood complete
Little River District Little River Galatia complete
(main) 7400 Newton Purcell complete
Sedgwick Halstead abandoned 1895
Wichita District Wichita Pratt complete except in Wichita
Pratt west line of Kiowa County abandoned 1895
Anthony District Arkansas City Anthony complete
(main) Newkirk South Shawnee incomplete
Hickman District Hickman Naphtha built 1922
De Noya District Naphtha Junction De Noya built 1922
Stillwater District 7401 Esau Junction Eastern Oklahoma Junction (Guthrie Junction) complete
Cushing District Cushing Junction Ripley complete
Jennings District Cushing Jennings
Drumright District Frey Junction (Crow) Drumright
Pauls Valley District South Shawnee Gulf Junction/Shawnee Junction (Pauls Valley) AKA Shawnee District
Three Sands District Marland Lio built 1925
Cashion District Seward Cashion
7405 Burnett Agnew built later?
7403 Flynn GM built later?
Lehigh District Lehigh Chickasha
Ada Terminal District Ada Junction Ada
Depot Spur Chickasha
(main) 7314 Hutchinson Kinsley (via Great Bend) complete
Great Bend District 7310 Great Bend Scott City complete
Scott City Selkirk abandoned 1896
Garden City District 7310 Scott City Garden City complete
Larned District Larned Jetmore complete
(main) 7313 Hutchinson Harper complete
(main) 7312 Harper Ponca City complete
Cimarron Valley District 7302 Dodge City Boise City complete
Clayton District Boise City Farley complete built later; AKA Colmor Cutoff; trackage rights from Clayton to Mt. Dora
Manter District 7303 Satanta Pritchett complete built 1923-7
(main) Holly Swink
May Valley District Wilson Junction (Kornman) May Valley built later?
Big Bend District Wiley Big Bend built later?
Shelton Junction Rocky Ford abandoned 1916 from Fenton to Rocky Ford; Shelton Junction to Fenton reclassified as sidetrack
Lamar District Lamar Wilson Junction (Kornman)
Las Animas District Las Animas Waveland
Pueblo District 7304 La Junta Canon Junction (Pueblo) complete
Grand Valley District Newdale Hawley
Canon City District Canon Junction (Pueblo) Canon City complete
Rockvale District Clelland Rockvale complete
Denver District 7304 Canon Junction (Pueblo) Denver complete
Denver complete relation 1422765 Denver Circle Railroad; abandoned 1898
Sugarite District Raton Yankee
(spur) Carrisbrooke Sugarite
Blossburg District Dillon Brilliant
Des Moines District Dillon Des Moines
Dillon Raton abandoned ca. 1920?
Clifton Hebron abandoned ca. 1920?
Rocky Mountain District Hebron Ute Park
Van Houten District Preston Van Houten
Koehler District Koehler Junction Koehler
7308 West French York Canyon built later
Hot Springs District Las Vegas Hot Springs
Santa Fe District 7317 Lamy Santa Fe
Estancia District Santa Fe Torrance
Waldo Coal Mines
El Paso District 7300 Isleta El Paso
Belen District 7200 Belen Dalies
(main) 7100 Clovis Belen
Roswell District 7108 Clovis Roswell
Cameo NM-TX line (Texico) abandoned 1908
Carlsbad District 7108 Roswell Carlsbad
Carlsbad District 7110 Carlsbad Pecos
Loving Potash Spur 7114 Loving Junction built later
7115 Nash Draw Junction built later
7109 Pecos Junction Rustler Springs built later
Magdalena District Socorro Magdalena
Kelly District Magdalena Kelly
San Antonio Carthage abandoned 1896 (but rebuilt 1906 by the New Mexico Midland Railway?)
Deming District 7306 Rincon Deming
Lake Valley District Nutt Lake Valley
Silver City District 7307 Deming Silver City
Santa Rita District Whitewater Santa Rita
Fierro District Hanover Junction Fierro
Sandia Rio Puerco abandoned 1908
7201 West Baca Lee Ranch Junction built later
7202 Lee Ranch Junction Lee Ranch built later
7223 Lee Ranch South Hospah built later
7222 Pegs Spur built later?
7203 Defiance P&M Mine built later
7204 East Coronado Junction Coronado built later?
7205 Tepco Junction Springerville built later?
(main) 7206 Williams Junction Daze complete old main
(main) 7207 Daze Ash Fork complete old main
(main) Ash Fork Crookton complete old main
Grand Canyon District Williams Grand Canyon complete
(main) 7208 Ash Fork Phoenix complete except pre-1902 route major realignments in 1902 and 1962
Clarkdale District Cedar Glade (Drake) Clarkdale complete
Crown King District Prescott & Eastern Junction (Entro) Crown King complete AKA Mayer District
Poland Branch Poland Junction Poland complete (but not sure where the west end was)
Parker District 7219 Arizona and California Junction (Matthie) Cadiz complete
Ripley District Rice Ripley complete
Beardsley Spur Beardsley Griggs built 1928
7209 Ennis Fennemore built later
7216 Fennemore built later
Chloride District McConnico Chloride
Barnwell District Goffs Ivanpah complete between Goffs and Ivanpah, except for untraceable portion near Vontrigger relation 6864469 abandoned 1913 from Leastalk to Ivanpah
Searchlight District Barnwell Searchlight started relation 11974694
(main) 7600 Barstow San Bernardino
Lucerne Valley District 7601 Hesperia Cushenbury built later
Redlands District 7603 San Bernardino Highland Junction (via Mentone)
(main) 7608 San Bernardino Los Angeles
(main) 7602 San Bernardino Fullerton mileage reset at Atwood
San Jacinto District 7605 Highgrove San Jacinto
Lake View Spur Lakeview Junction Lakeview
Perris Elsinore Junction
Temecula Fallbrook abandoned 1892
Prenda Spur Casa Blanca Prenda
Temecula District 7609 Porphyry (Corona) Alberhill built 1927; AKA Elsinore District
Temecula District 7609 Alberhill Temecula (via Elsinore Junction) AKA Elsinore District
Olive District 7607 Atwood (Richfield) Orange
Olinda District Atwood (Richfield) Olinda
(main) 7600 Los Angeles National City
Redondo District 7604 Redondo Junction El Segundo
Redondo District El Segundo Redondo
Harbor District 7604 El Segundo Wilmington
La Habra Valley Spur Santa Fe Springs built later?
Bastanchury Spur Basta Bastanchury built later?
Venta Browning built 1923
Browning Tustin built 1923
Browning Frances built 1923
Fallbrook District Los Angeles Junction (Fallbrook Junction) Fallbrook
Escondido District 7606 Escondido Junction Escondido
Randsburg District Kramer Johannesburg complete way 332216290
Arvin District Magunden Vaccaro complete relation 3983968 joint with SP; built later?
Giffen Spur Giffen Junction Giffen no longer traceable joint with SP; built later?
(main) 7211 Gosford Maricopa active portion is relation 3983904, abandoned portion is way 314428337 and way 314428340 joint with SP
Shale Spur Pentland Shale complete to Taft way 314428344 joint with SP
7221 Oil Junction Oil City complete relation 3938364 joint with SP; built later?
Alpaugh Spur 7213 Stoil Alpaugh complete relation 3112882
Visalia District 7218 Corcoran Junction Calwa Junction (Fresno) complete relation 2913863
Porterville-Orosi District (Cutler-Wyeth Connection) Cutler Wyeth complete built later?
Wahtoke District Reedley Piedra complete relation 3285443
Porterville-Orosi District Minkler Landco complete (AT&SF portions only) relation 3231337 trackage rights from Ducor to Oil Junction
Woodlake Spur Hillmaid Woodlake complete way 214601814 built later?
Laton District Laton Lanare complete way 220006733
Fresno Interurban District 7214 Hammond Belmont Avenue complete relation 3416898
Oakdale District 7215 Riverbank Oakdale complete (now SERA Riverbank Subdivision) relation 4659185
Central California Traction Company Connection Mormon
Oakland District Richmond Oakland

Texas lines

Name Segment From To Status Notes
(main) 7500 Galveston Purcell
Galveston Terminal District Galveston Ferry Landing
Houston District 7501 Alvin Houston
Matagorda District 7506 Sealy Matagorda
Eagle Lake Spur Dar Junction (Eagle Lake Junction) Eagle Lake
Garwood District Rayner Junction Bonus AKA Bonus Loop
Garwood Spur Boedecker Junction Garwood
Hall District Cane Junction Thompsons built 1930-1
Somerville District 7502 Somerville Conroe AKA Montgomery Branch
Montgomery Spur Peel Junction (Montgomery Junction) Montgomery
Conroe District 7502 Conroe Silsbee
Saratoga Branch Bragg Saratoga
Silsbee District 7505 Port Bolivar (Galveston) Beaumont
Silsbee District 7503 Beaumont Silsbee
San Augustine District 7503 Silsbee San Augustine
Oakdale District 7504 Kirbyville Oakdale
Longview District 7503 San Augustine Longview
Grigsby Branch Gary Junction Grigsby
Carthage Boren abandoned early
Longview Eno
Lampasas District 7508 Temple Brownwood
Belton Spur Belton Junction Belton
Lampasas Spur Radio Junction (Lampasas Junction) Lampasas
San Saba District Lometa Eden
Sweetwater District 7508 Brownwood Orient Junction
Depot Spur Sweetwater Junction Sweetwater AKA Sweetwater Spur
San Angelo District 7263 San Angelo Junction (Coleman Junction) San Angelo
San Angelo District San Angelo Sterling City
Paint Rock District Miles Paint Rock
Dallas District 7509 Cleburne East Dallas
City Spur Dallas Junction (Ervay Junction) Dallas
Paris District East Dallas Paris
Honey Grove District Ladonia Honey Grove
Weatherford District Weatherford Junction (Cleburne) Weatherford
Dublin District Fort Worth Brownwood
Menard District Brownwood Menard
Ringling District 7511 Ardmore Ringling
Healdton Branch Cobalt Junction (Ringling Junction) Healdton
Sulphur District Davis Sulphur
Lindsay District Lindsay Junction (Pauls Valley) Lindsay
(main) 7100 Waynoka Clovis incomplete
Buffalo District Waynoka Buffalo complete built 1920
Shattuck District 7316 Shattuck Morse complete built 1920-31; trackage rights from Morse to Etter
Clinton District Pampa Clinton
Coltexo Branch Heaton Coltexo built 1931
(spur) Hammon Junction Hammon trackage rights from Hammon Junction to City Junction
Skellytown District White Deer Skellytown complete built 1927
Borger District 7122 Panhandle Borger complete built 1926
Panhandle City Washburn abandoned 1908
Dumas District 7105 Dumas Junction (Amarillo) Boise City complete built later
Boise City District 7105 Boise City Las Animas complete built later
7120 Machovec built later?
Plainview District 7106 Canyon Junction Lubbock
Floydada District Plainview Junction Floydada
(main) 7106 Lubbock Orient Junction
Crosbyton District Crosbyton Junction (Lubbock) Crosbyton
Lamesa District Slaton Junction Lamesa
(main) 7107 Farwell Lubbock Junction
Seagraves District Seagraves Junction (Lubbock) Seagraves built 1918
Lehman District Doud Bledsoe built 1925


Name Segment From To Status Notes
Fairview District Wichita Cherokee
Fairview District 7510 Cherokee Fairview
Altus District 7510 Fairview Altus
Hamlin District 7510 Altus Hamlin
Shaufler District 7510 Hamlin San Angelo AKA Sayard District
McCamey District 7263 San Angelo Fort Stockton AKA Fort Stockton District
Alpine District 7263 Fort Stockton Alpine
7263 Paisano Presidio built 1930
Sonora District Del Rio Junction (San Angelo) Sonora built 1930