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Recently BP locations were imported into OSM, as a result it left a few open questions about tags used, it is hoped this page will sort out the tagging to be used on service stations for other services other than fuel types.


 <node id='585127570' timestamp='2009-12-10T11:48:32Z' uid='74617' user='JohnSmith' visible='true' version='1' changeset='3340910' lat='-33.950911' lon='115.073855'>
   <tag k='name' v='Wise'S Garage' />
   <tag k='phone' v='+61-8-9757-2240' />
   <tag k='operator' v='BP' />
   <tag k='source' v='' />
   <tag k='fixme' v='not_reviewed' />
   <tag k='BP:address' v='Corner Of Bussell Highway And Fearn Avenue, Margaret River WA 6285' />
   <tag k='BP:location_id' v='6565' />
   <tag k='amenity' v='fuel' />
   <tag k='amenity:atm' v='no' />
   <tag k='amenity:eftpos' v='yes' />
   <tag k='amenity:express' v='no' />
   <tag k='amenity:carwash' v='no' />
   <tag k='amenity:cleango' v='no' />
   <tag k='amenity:restaurant' v='no' />
   <tag k='amenity:superwash' v='no' />
   <tag k='amenity:toilets' v='yes' />
   <tag k='amenity:truck_stop' v='no' />
   <tag k='fuel:octane_91' v='yes' />
   <tag k='fuel:octane_95' v='yes' />
   <tag k='fuel:octane_98' v='yes' />
   <tag k='fuel:e10' v='no' />
   <tag k='fuel:diesel' v='yes' />
   <tag k='fuel:GTL_diesel' v='no' />
   <tag k='fuel:lpg' v='no' />
   <tag k='rent:lpg_bottles' v='yes' />
   <tag k='rent:trailers' v='no' />


  • change amenity:atm=yes/no to atm=yes/no
  • others?

BP Features

  • Amenities, amenity:*=*
    • ATM, amenity:atm=* (should be changed to atm=yes)
    • EFTPOS, amenity:eftpos=* (should be changed to eftpos=yes)
    • BP Express, amenity:express=* (should be changed to express=*)
    • Carwash, amenity:carwash=* (should be changed to carwash=* (carwash=basic?))
    • Clean and Go, amenity:cleango=* (should be changed to carwash=cleango)
    • Restaurant, amenity:restaurant=* (should be changed to restaurant=*)
    • Superwash, amenity:superwash=* (should be changed to carwash=superwash)
    • Toilets, amenity:toilets=* (should be changed to toilets=*)
    • Truck Stop, amenity:truck_stop=* (should be changed to truck_stop=*)
  • Fuel Types, fuel:*=*
    • LRP, fuel:octane_91=*
    • Super, fuel:octane_95=*
    • Premium, fuel:octane_98=*
    • E10, fuel:e10=*
    • High quality partly synthetic diesel 'Gas To Liquid': "ultimate diese", "V-Power diesel" etc., fuel:GTL_diesel=*
    • LPG (automotive liquid gas), fuel:lpg=*
  • BP Rentals, rent:*=*
    • Gas Cylinders, rent:lpg_bottles=*
    • Trailer Hire, rent:trailers=*

Additional Feature Tags

While this list of features surrounding service stations is in depth, the Matilda chain of service station have a number of additional pieces of information on their website about services of their stations:

  • Car Hire
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Groceries
  • Hot Food
  • Mechanic Workshop
  • Restaurant
  • Ute Hire
  • Cafe
  • Games Room
  • Info Kiosk
  • Motel
  • News Agency
  • Live Bait