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A note (below) was added to all ways tagged with highway=trunk stating that the highway tag was set due to being part of South Australis's Major Traffic Road Network and claiming that this is "in compliance with OSM guidelines". This has since been confirmed to not be the case, and the note may lead mappers to think this is the case and that they can't change a way tagged as such even if they think another highway tag is more appropriate.

This road is part of South Australia's Major Traffic Road Network and is classed as a Trunk Road in Compliance with OSM Guidelines


As these roads have already potentially been changed and are likely to be changed going forward to reflect the real life usage of the road, I'm proposing removing this note where found in South Australia.

This was mentioned with no objections on Discord in #oceania, and has been posted in the Oceania forum and been sent to the talk-au discussion list on 2024-01-29.

The edit will be done by loading the objects into JOSM via an Overpass query (with a manual review to separate any ways with notes containing extra information) and deleting the note key on all ways. Any ways manually separated would then be loaded into Level0 to easily remove the part of the note being removed by this edit in a second changeset.

Details of Edit

After being pointed out by Mateusz Konieczny that the orignal edit was able to be reverted at any point without discussion due to being an undocumented and undiscussed automated edit, and with the only objection being from the original mapper, I competed this edit in a single changeset. All ways contained the same note with no additional information that needed to be retained.