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Various key:is_in:* tags have been deprecated in areas where proper administrative boundaries exist. These boundaries represent a more accurate way to query features within specific geographies.

Because of these deprecations, some areas of Australia are difficult to map with validator warnings on — in some suburbs, every street has a warning about the is_in:suburb key. Australia accounts for the second-highest total of is_in:suburb keys globally (around 30%), and none of them are needed.


I will remove all the is_in:* and alt_is_in:* keys (including is_in itself) from objects within Australia.

This was discussed with the Oceania community within Discord and at I was originally going to delete just is_in:suburb, but several people were in favour of removing all of them.

Edits will be done by loading the objects in JOSM via Overpass queries and deleting the keys. I will do one changeset per key (or logical group of keys), just in case one of them needs to be reverted without restoring all of them.

Progress Overview

This is the full list of keys to be deleted. I will add changeset links as each one is removed.

Counts come from the Australia-specific taginfo instance at the time of creating this proposal.

Tag Count Removal changeset
is_in 4094
source:is_in 185
is_in:suburb 3982
alt_is_in:suburb 6
alt_is:in:suburb 2
is_in:shire 727
is_in:shre 4
source:is_in_shire 3
is_in:county 2
is_in:hamlet 510
is_in:town 426
is_in:locality 174
is_in:village 151
is_in:city 11
is_in:farm 431
source:is_in-farm 3
is_in:state 479
is_in:state_code 235
is_in:region 1
is_in:country 343
is_in:country_code 316
is_in:iso_3166_2 2
is_in:island 59
is_in:archipelago 48
is_in:ocean 12
is_in:zoo 63
is_in:national_park 10
is_in:protected_area 10
is_in:park 7
is_in:nature_reserve 1
is_in:neighbourhood 9 alongside the main is_in tag)
is_in_1 1
is_in:municipality 1
is_in:parish 1
source:is_in:locality 1