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This is not really fully automated bot. It does not do automated edits! It is a script where each change must be acknowledged and confirmed by operator.



Bot name is Serbian OSM Lint bot

Opting out

Contact me. branko on server kokanovic then one dot:) and org

Mode of the work


Serbian language has two writings - Cyrillic and Latin. Names are under "name:sr" (for Cyrillic) and under "name:sr-Latn" (for Latin). There is strong corelation between those two (one can infer Latin name from Cyrillic, but not other way around). This redundancy is reason to create bot. Also, a lot of wikipedia tags points to en wiki in Serbia maps, so bot grew to the point that it has bunch of checks. Loosely related to [[1]], but more "specialized" for transliteration problems.

Main discussion around script happened in Serbian here:

Source code

Complete source code is on GitHub: Feel free to check it, browse, maybe even help:)


Reports with "lint" errors can be found here: (should be updated every 1-2 days).


  • Check name:sr exists
  • Check name:sr-Latn exist
  • Check name:sr-Latn matches name:sr (can be transliterated from it)
  • Check name:sr-Latn not in Cyrillic
  • Check is_in:country
  • Check existence of wikidata/wikipedia links and that they match