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Luxembourg address normalisation

To improve our addresses, match the official CACLR source, and prepare our address import and future QA work, I would like to perform a mechanical normalisation on the addr:housenumber tag in Luxembourg:

  • everything uppercase, e.g. "79a" becomes “79A"
  • remove whitespace, e.g. "79 - 79A" becomes "79-79A”
  • replace bad connectors for multiple addresses, e.g. “75/77” becomes “75,77”

Approximately 489 ways and 62 nodes will be affected when we run this. I plan on running this only once, using my normal account.

The script I’m using is at

A filtered output, containing all the addresses (610 KB) is at

The full output, containing every object with an address in Luxembourg (38.3 MB) is at

I would be very happy to get feedback on it, even if it’s “looks good to me"