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Status: Proposal


Hello! I'm Matej Lieskovský and I am currently operating the semi-automated system StreetKeeper. If you need to contact me about it, please use lieskovsky <dot> matej <plus> streetkeeper <at> gmail <dot> com.

What does it do

StreetKeeper shall help with the maintenance of street relations in Prague


With the increasing numbers of tags that can cause a street to be split into several ways, the usefulness of having some grouping relations keeps growing. Since street relations are more common in Czechia than associatedStreet relations, I chose to start adding these to the most fragmented streets in Prague. As the number of these relations grows, I shall need to automate at least some of the steps necessary to maintain such relations. It is for this reason that I'd like to separate such edits under the Automated edits system.

Area affected

Only Prague for the foreseeable future.

Detailed description

When launched, StreetKeeper does the following (restricted to a given area):

  • Check that all street relations have a name
  • Check that no two street relations have the same name
  • Check that no highway is in a street relation with a different name
  • Check that every street relation contains all highways with that name

Any discrepancies found are reported to me and loaded into JOSM via Remote Control. I edit them manually using the StreetKeeper account. This provides at least some level of sanity checking.

The initial version of this system does not directly result in any changes other than those made to street relations. Extending the scope of this system will be discussed in the relevant talk and detailed here beforehand.

The automated queries are handled by Overpass API due to its generous usage policy and in an attempt to avoid stressing the main API instance. If needed, I can set up a local Overpass instance.


Mentioned in talk-cz. No opposition so far. Will request explicit green-light before initiation.

Communicating with the system

I will maintain a list of excluded street names along with reasons for their exclusion. Feel free to warn me ahead of time if you know of a potential problem.

Changing the name of the highway will result in it getting removed from the incorrect street relation and added to the correct one (if it exists).