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This page documents data fixup edits performed by User:ToeBee through the dedicated account ToeBeeFixit.

NHD imports with ele=0/0.0


There are several NHD imports where there was some kind of error when converting elevation data into OSM tags.

Reason for cleanup: The data is obviously wrong and dilutes the true meaning and usefulness of the ele=* tag. Only v1 objects will be touched blindly. Another pass will be performed later to look at left over objects on an individual basis. Note that object modified count could change slightly if another user edits an object before this cleanup is run.


I plan on just using JOSM. Uploads will be chunked into 500 object chunks. Failure isn't a problem. There is no intermediate state where there is invalid data (like uploading nodes before ways during imports) in the database so a failed upload can simply be restarted without consequence. If an entire area somehow develops a problem, the data can be redownloaded and the process started from the beginning again.

The files linked in the number of objects below is a .osm file containing all the ele=0 ways in a given area. I will only be selecting those ways that were last touched by the importing user using by the JOSM "Authors" panel. Note that these files are only for reviewing purposes. I will download fresh data before editing each area to avoid conflicts.

Affected areas

  • Portland, OR
    • Importing user: amillar-osm-import
    • Objects to be modified: 882 (4 MB)
    • Affected tags:
      • Delete ele=0 - reason for this edit in the first place.
      • Delete gnis:ftype - Duplicates information in the gnis:fcode tag. Example: fcode 39004 -> LakePond
      • Modify occurrence=intermittent to be intermittent=yes
  • South Texas
    • Importing user: 25or6to4
    • Objects to be modified: 1,288 (10 MB)
    • Affected tags: (see above fore explanation)
      • Delete ele=0
      • Delete gnis:ftype
  • Minneapolis, MN
    • Importing user: stucki1
    • Objects to be modified: 3,950 (18 MB)
    • Affected tags:
      • Delete ele=0.0
      • Delete gnis:ftype (all "LakePond" - all gnis:fcode tags are "39004")
      • Modify nhd-shp:com_id=* to nhd:com_id=*
      • Modify nhd-shp:fdate=* to be nhd:fdate=* to match the other imports
  • PA/NJ
    • Importing user: dchiles
    • Objects to be modified: 9,055 (73 MB)
    • This import also has the same value in an NHD:Elevation=* tag which will also be removed.
    • Affected tags:
      • Delete ele=0.00000000000
      • Delete NHD:Elevation=0.00000000000
      • Delete NHD:FTYPE
      • Modify NHD:Permanent_=* to (?)nhd:permID=* - This is from the "Permanent ID" NHD field. It is the new global UID and supersedes comID. Existing features had the comID value copied into the Permanent ID field
      • (?) Delete NHD:ComID - since this is now in the Permanent ID field
      • (?) Lowercase all the NHD: tags to match other imports
  • Western Colorado (includes a little NM and UT)
    • Importing user: nhd-import, SK53_bulk
    • Objects to be modified: 13,047
  • North California (includes a little NV and OR)
    • Importing user: nmixter, Bilbo (nmixter did initial import, Bilbo modified 6,270 ways to clean up duplicate nodes)
    • Objects to be modified: 22,130
  • TN/GA
    • Importing user: rjhale1971
    • Objects to be modified: 4,865
    • This import has additional problems that need to be looked at. A lot (but not all) of the member nodes of lakes are tagged with natural=water