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#001 – Typos

Proposal According to Taginfo, a bunch of objects as been tagged with typos in its values. The following table give a list of typo fixes.
Rationale Typo
Frequency Regularly
Areas affected World
Exemptions N/A
Source Typos Fix Changeset(s)
building=costruction (751)
building=consttruction (328)
building=contruction (228)
building=constructions (38)
building=cconstruction (21)
building=Construction (8)
building=construction3 (7)
building=constructionc (5)
building=constructionns (3)
building=construction 59701685 (Visualise)
Highway=* (41)
highway=* 59701998 (Visualise)
water_way=* (109)
waterway=* 59702007 (Visualise)