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About me

krizleebot is krizleebear's bot user account.

I'm mainly interested in improving OSM data for geocoding ("place finding") purposes. This means working on names, administrative regions, postal codes etc.

Proposed: Admin_Centre linking

I propose to link place nodes to their respective admin relation in an automated manner.

Status quo

  • I've seen that there's a lot of administrative regions and a lot of place nodes. But there is a huge gap in linking them together.
  • Manually adding 'admin_centre' members to relations is a tedious job. I've tried both iD and JOSM editors. Although both are really comfortable editors for other use cases, linking place nodes and relations is extremely time intensive.
  • To fill the gap I've implemented an automatic resolver that I published on Github.
  • To broaden the effect I think it's a good idea to submit the resolved links directly to OSM source data. I will document the whole approach and publish it via import list before performing any changes.

Example: Germany

  • ~19000 admin relations (I only count the ones with admin_level and wikidata tags)
  • only ~9100 of these relations have a relation member with role "admin_centre" or "label"
  • in contrast to that there are ~150 000 place nodes defined


  1. easier handling of geocoding tasks
  2. be better than geographical center of the polygons
  3. improve the visibility of place nodes acting as admin_centres
  4. set basis for further improvements


Some of these could be goals for later approaches

  1. I won't move or improve position of centre nodes
  2. I won't check whether centre node is inside of landuse area
  3. I won't remove duplicate place nodes

Solution concept

Overview: see flowchart

  1. take PBF and extract admin relations and place nodes to separate files
  2. combine admins and places via position and name. A place node must be inside of its respective admin boundary.
  3. review generated mappings
  4. if required, remove opted-out IDs
  5. upload mappings to OSM in small batches (e.g. one changeset for each county)

Implementation details

The solution is implemented in Java. I'm using the following tools and libs to solve the problem:

  1. Osmium to extract relevant admin relations and place nodes to separate files
  2. osm4j to read place nodes
  3. index all place nodes in an R-Tree (JTS STRTree)
  4. use osm4j to read admin relations to JTS polygons
    1. for each imported polygon:
    2. if the admin relation has admin_level < 6, ignore it
    3. if the admin relation already has an admin_centre member, ignore it
    4. query the R-tree for all covered place nodes
    5. search for place node with the same name as the admin relation
  5. write a table with mapped IDs of admin relations and place nodes
  6. TODO: create changesets


An 1000 line example of resolved admin_centres can be found here: admins-resolved-germany-sample.tsv

The full result for Germany is here

snippet of the sample data:
relationID placeID name relation link place link
306357 240047056 Halvesbostel
8229815 240023798 Schneeberg