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London UK cycle hire scheme: bulk change of "network" tag due to changing scheme name

The problem: since 2010, London users have been tagging the city's cycle hire scheme. See its wiki page at WikiProject United Kingdom London Cycle Hire. This was initially tagged as network=Barclays Cycle Hire. However, Barclays is no longer the sponsor, and the scheme is now called "Santander Cycles", so the "network" tag either needs to be bulk-edited (or manually-edited!) every time the sponsor changes, or we need to use a tag which does not reference the current sponsor.

In the Greater London area we find these tags on amenity=bicycle_rental objects belonging to the scheme:

   422     "network": "Barclays Cycle Hire"
      1     "network": "Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme"
      1     "network": "Barkleys Cycle Hire"
      1     "network": "Santander"
     20     "network": "Santander Cycle Hire"
     42     "network": "Santander Cycles"
      1     "network": "TfL"
      1     "network": "TFL"
      3     "network": "TfL Cycle Hire"
      1     "network": "TFL Cycle Hire"

Note that there are some amenity=bicycle_rental objects which do not belong to the TfL scheme (such as "Brompton Dock").

Community discussion: The problem was raised in 2016 on the talk page and in local in-person discussions. It was re-raised in February 2017, on the talk page and on the talk-gb and the talk-gb-london mailing lists. (I also posted a diary entry.) There has been no objection to the idea of a bulk edit, and multiple voices in support.

The proposed bulk-edit: I will use an Overpass query to load the amenity=bicycle_rental in the Greater London area into JOSM (around 500 objects). For the network tags listed above, I will change the tag to network=tfl_cycle_hire. Edits will be limited only to items tagged amenity=bicycle_rental and with one of the above-listed network entries. It'll be a one-time edit.

The person: Dan Stowell. I'm proposing to do the edit manually using JOSM. You can contact me via my OSM account.

This is now done. Changeset 46394466