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My wiki username is "yurik", but OSM username is "nyuriks". Sorry for confusion, historical roots. My email is "Yuri Astrakhan _at_ gmail", without spaces. I do many Wikipedia/Wikidata related tasks, mostly using JOSM, to help the Wikipedia Link Improvement Project.

Auto-adding Wikidata IDs

Wikipedia titles are very unstable. When someone added wikipedia=Eureka, Wisconsin to the node 153699914, it was probably correct for a while, until the article was renamed. There is more than one Eureka in Wisconsin. What's worse, a new article was created in its place, listing all such places. A wikidata=Q8846423 would have been much better because it does not depend on the name.


  • Using JOSM, fetch all objects that are [wikipedia][wikipedia!~"#"][!wikidata].
  • Using Wikipedia plugin, perform "Fetch IDs". This automatically gets Wikidata ID for the corresponding Wikipedia title.

Once saved, the cleanup queries will help with showing all currently hiding mistakes.

Moving wiki* to brand:wiki*

Per discussion with various communities, moving incorrectly tagged "wikipedia=McDonald's" to "brand:wikipedia=McDonald's" (and all other similar chains). See here.

  • Find all objects for a given Wikidata ID in JOSM
  • Rename wikipedia/wikidata tags if no such tags already exist