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This page documents large-scale (semi-)automated edits executed with my main account. These are meant to be never controversial and single-time events of simple search/replace with at least some manual intervention where a bot account would actually be misleading.

Doctor and dentist names in Tirol

In DACH it is common to name the doctors' offices "Dr. <given name> <surname>". However, till my edit, the majority of doctors in the province of Tirol had the names swapped and were missing the dot after Dr.

Discussion with the community


The automated part was done by fetching the respective data via Overpass, saving them in XML with JOSM and then editing the plain XML with a text editor. After re-importing the XML into JOSM I verified and extended many of the entries over many hours stretched over multiple days.

Actual changes made

The edits happened around christmas 2020:

Remove addr:district in Vienna

addr:district does not make any sense in addresses in Vienna (or Austria on the whole) but has been mapped several times with wrong and/or inconsistent values. In this first round I will only deal with them within the borders of Vienna. I'll check for valid addr:postcode values on all objects that currently have a district attached.


Actual changes