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Bettersoftare GPS screenshot.jpg
Author: bullstreetboy
License: Free?
Platform: Windows 2000
Version: (2010-05-13)
Language: English
Programming language: C#

BSGPS is an GPS application that is able to use maps from OpenStreetMap.

It is unclear if its a pure ".NET-application" or if it also demands special Windows-only-features.

BS - It is a Dot Net app written in Visual Basic and therefore a Windows only app. I'm working on a Java replacement - anyone want to assist?.

The application is freeware (perhaps) but it seems like it requires some kind of registration. (My registration failed or was refused or something.)

It is not an easy application to get started. It is likely you have to install a heavy .NET-upgrade first, with a reboot. Some say that it has to be installed on certain places. Some say you have to set file/folder rights. Some say you have to copy some "button-file". I had to go in the register editor as administrator and take ownership over its registry key and then set user permisions for it.

BS - "It is not an easy application to get started." - A few hundred users would not agree with this. The current version required Net Framework 3.5. Vista's security "features" do insist on certain file/folder rights.(all explained on the forum). All previous Windows OS do not require changing file/folder permissions.

Offical website:

--Henriko 14:59, 4 April 2009 (UTC)

A PDA version BSGPSPDA is available.