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Collection of international, national, regional and local bicycle routes in Baltic States Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and their neighborhood (Poland, Russia, Finland). The routes are orientated to "cycleability now": They avoid most crowded roads as well as bad quality surface roads. Thus both - gravel roads and small parts of cycling along heavy traffic routes - stay inevitable and just can be minimalised. Opposite to the National routes the long-distance routes connect main points of interest and do not stop at the national border. The routes are a temporary network until the national and international signing of all routes will be implemented (at the moment only Lithuanian coast and Estonia).


Latvian Bicycle Routes IDs[1]
Vidzeme Latgale Kuzeme Zemgale
International routes

(EuroVelo, Euroroute R1)

network=icn EV{ID}, R1
National routes network=ncn 1-9
Regional routes

(at least 150km long)

network=rcn 10-32 33-54 55-76 77-99
Local routes network=lcn 100-324 325-550 551-775 776-999

a) long-distance routes are build by relations. There are cross-country or international.

Tag Comment
network=ncn for the long distance routes, see below
ref=number see below

Long-distance routes

Route (ref) Title from ... to ... (region) Remarks Relation Link
LT1 Warsaw-Vilnius Kapčiamiestis-Vilnius (Dzūkija region) planned EuroVelo No. 11 EV11 relation 232048 Info / Route description on
in Lithuania
LT5 Seaside cycle route Nida-Klaipėda-Butingė (3 routes at the Lithuanian Sea Coast), Signed as (EuroVelo) Nr. 10 EV10 plus one extra route relation 269905 Eurovelo 10 relation 63584 Info / Route description on
LT2 Nieman Cycle Trail / Memelradweg plus Vilnius-Kaunas Vilnius-Kaunas-Šilutė-Klaipėda some variations relation 232049 Info / Route description on
LT4 Suvalkija Cycle Circuit 2 circuits: one in Poland, one in Lithuania (Suvalkija region) relation 305420 Info / Route description on
LT3 The Baltic lakeland route Riga-Latvian border (Aukštaitija region) relation 232057 Info / Route description on
LV3 The Baltic lakeland-route Lithuanian border-Riga (Latgale region) Latvian part, two variations in Latvia relation 269985 Info / Route description on
LV1 The Castles' route Riga-Klaipėda (Kurzeme region) to the main route (proposed EuroVelo 10) there are some extra routes added, not signed relation 270194 Info / Route description on
LV2 The National Park Route Riga-Tallinn (Vidzeme region) two versions: close to the Baltic sea coast or to the East (Gauja National Park) relation 270230 Info / Route description on
EE1 (ncn ref "1") The coast and islands' route Riga-Tallinn National Route Nr. 1 EuroVelo No. 10 EV10, Iron Curtain Trail relation 122848 Info / Route description on
EE3 (ncn ref "3") Routes of the Forests and Lakes Riga-Tallinn National Route Nr. 3 EuroVelo No. 11 EV11 relation 270428 Info / Route description on
EE4 (ncn ref "3") National Route Nr. 4 Euro-Cycle route R1 relation 270860 Info / Route description on

Regional and local routes

Tag Comment
network=rcn Regional routes: In Latvia usually by Regional tourism associations, in Lithuania: by the districts (Apskirtis)
network=lcn local routes: operated by municipalities, forestries or nature protected areas (National park et al.)
ref=number according to local numeration
operator=usually regional tourism agencies or local municipalities

List of local and regional routes

details will follow

Nr Region from ... to ... (region) Remarks Relation Link
LT1 Dzūkija region South of Vilnius Relation not defined yet
LT3 Aukštaitija region North of Vilnius Relation not defined yet
LT4 Suvalkija region Southwest Lithuania Relation not defined yet
LT5 Western Lithuania / Žemaitija Coast and East of Klaipėda Relation not defined yet
LV1 Kurzeme region West of Riga Relation not defined yet
LV1b Zemgale region South of Riga Relation not defined yet
LV2 Vidzeme region North East of Riga Relation not defined yet
LV3 Latgale region South East of Riga Relation not defined yet
EE1 Western Estonia West of Tallinn Relation not defined yet
EE3 Eastern Estonia South East of Tallinn Relation not defined yet

to do list

inserting the main routes - untill August 2009 - ok!

inserting the "Suvalkija Cycle Circuit" as LT4 - 2009-10-29 - ok!

-- correction of errors - November 2009

Route LT3 Vilnius- Latvian Border corrected 2009-10-31

Route LT2 Vilnius-Kaunas Nordroute corrected 2009-10-31

inserting some local & regional routes - ?

The Estonian National Bicycle Route No. 4 from Valka to Tartu is completely available on OSM 2009-11-04


web page of the project

wiki on cycling in the Baltic States (in English, German and Lithuanian