Bangalore Mini Mapping Party August 2009

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Mini-mapping party in Bangalore, Karnataka

Where ?

This event will take place in Bangalore between Hennur Main Road and Kammanahalli Main Road. The covered area will depend upon the number of participants and will be defined just before starting. The meeting point is the BMTC bus depot: it is on Hennur Main Road at 150m from Hennur Cross.

Meeting point

When ?

It will happen on sunday morning, the 2nd of August 2009. We will start at 9:00am till about noon. I am personaly exhausted after 3 hours of cycling-mapping.


  • 9:00 am  : Meeting at BMTC bus depot
  • 9:15 am  : Start mapping in small groups or individually
  • 12:30 pm : Back to the meeting point

Who can come and what do you need ?

Everyone who wants to participate is welcome. If you are a new comer, please take at least a pen and a few printouts of the area from the OpenStreetMap website. Of course, bringing a GPS and a camera would be even better.


Name Email Phone No.
Guillaume Audirac guillaume.audirac AT gmail DOT com +919008211441
xxx yyy xxx AT xxx DOT xxx +xxx

Feel free to add your name and mobile (edit this page).

Comments and suggestions

  • Depending on people's availability, we can wrap up and have lunch.