Bash/Script to know your favorite tags

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If you want to know which the tags of the features you frequently edit, you can run the following Linux bash script as a start. It will tell the frequency of key=tag pairs in all your edit history:

  # source:
  # To use this: change the $osm_user strings in this file by an OSM user name (hard coded) or change the following line:
  # Might not work with strange characters in name ( !i! ?)
  wget -q -O -$osm_user | sed -e 's_.*changeset id="\([0-9]\+\)".*_\1_' | grep -v "<" > my_changesets.txt
  echo "Processing changeset:"
  while read changeset_id
  echo $changeset_id
  wget  -q -O -$changeset_id/download | grep "<tag k" | sed -e 's/ \+<tag k="//g' | sed  -e 's/" v="/=/' | sed -e 's_"/>__' >> tmp_$osm_user.txt
  done < my_changesets.txt
  sort tmp_$osm_user.txt | uniq -c | sort -b -n -r > favorite_tags_$osm_user.txt