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The Bauhaus.Mobility Lab is a project in the city of Erfurt, in Germany, which aims to create a living lab, focused on developing, testing, and experiencing sustainable and smart mobility, logistics and energy supply. It is a project launched in 2020, in a consortium between research institutes, industrial partners, small and medium-sized companies, universities and the state capital Erfurt.

Inside the scope of the project, an interdisciplinary team with students from all four faculties at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar have started the project Bauhaus.Mobility Students. Among the activities developed by these students, there is the project Mapping Erfurt, which aims to improve the data available in OpenStreetMap, regarding the city of Erfurt. The main method to be used is conflation, as the data will be compared with official data from the municipality, as well as data collected with the mobility providers, and data collected by the students on the field.

Main contact


The project is planned to run from April 2020 to March 2023.


List of all participants that have ever been involved and contributed with the project:

  • Maximilian Wunsch - Coordinator
  • Fabian Post - Coordinator
  • Oliver Singler
  • Bardo Salgado
  • El Mehdi Essadki
  • Ludwig David Lorenz
  • Luisa Correa de Oliveira
  • Luiza Maciel Costa da Silva
  • Philipp Oz Kohl