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For other uses of Bedford, see Bedford (disambiguation).
Bedford, Bedfordshire

latitude: 52.13, longitude: -0.46
Browse map of Bedford 52°07′48.00″ N, 0°27′36.00″ W
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Bedford is a town in Bedfordshire at latitude 52°07′48.00″ North, longitude 0°27′36.00″ West.

Bedford (relation 158396) is a town and unitary authority within the East of England region. It became a unitary authority on 1 April 2009 replacing the previous two-tier system of county and district councils. Together with the unitary authorities of Central Bedfordshire and Luton it forms the ceremonial county of Bedfordshire.

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Location Tracklogs Labelled maps Notes
Town centre (about) 99% 99% All highways should be done.
Bedford area (about) Comprehensive landuse areas of main Bedford in progress. Village activity will probably pick up come the summer.}}


Location Tracklogs Labelled maps Notes
Oakley (about) 100% 80% Should be complete
Clapham (Bedfordshire) (about) 80% 80% Footpaths to do
Milton Earnest (about) 30% 30% is mostly main roads, which are mapped already
Riseley (about) 50% 30% Very partial coverage
Thurleigh (about) 30% 20% Very partial coverage
Keysoe (about)
Brickhill (about) 100% 100% All done.
Putnoe (about) 100% 90% All done except for a chunk in the NW missing roadnames.
Renhold (about)
Pavenham (about) 50% 50% Main roads done
Sharnbrook (about) 30% 20% Main roads only
Bridleways around Twinwood farm (about) 80% 75%


Location Tracklogs Labelled maps Notes
Bromham (about) 80% 80% Nearly done I think!
Biddenham (about) 100% 100% Footpaths complete
Turvey (about) 90% 90% Footpaths to do
Stagsden (about)
Carlton (about) 98% 98% Footpaths not done
Harrold (about) 40% 40% Main roads only


Location Tracklogs Labelled maps Notes
Kempston (about) 99% 99% Should all be done.
Elstow (about) 99% 99% Just missing a few interesting footways which I have yet to explore.
Shortstown (about) 90% 90% Main roads marked but not named; no footpaths done yet.
Wooton (about) 90% 70% Some footpaths complete; roads all traced except some really tiny ones but not all named
Wilstead (about) 50% 50% North half done; many country footpaths completed.
Silsoe (about) 98% 98% Silsoe
Cranfield (about) 75% 75%
Henlow (about) % %


Location Tracklogs Labelled maps Notes
Fenlake (about) 99% 99% Should be done.
Cardington (about) 99% 99% Should be done.
Great Barford (about) 90% 90% Some little footpath/alleys missing. Also Great Barford's weird footpath
Willington (about) 90% 80%
Cople (about) 90% 90%
Blunham (about) 70%
traction engine pics


Location Tracklogs Labelled maps Notes
St Neots (about)
Arlesey (about) 60% 50% User:Steevc active here. Also mapping footpaths. Please post to Arlesey discussion page if any issues with tagging
Biggleswade (about)
Sandy, Bedfordshire (about) 60% 60% Residential areas in north half of town still need attention


Location Tracklogs Labelled maps Notes
Road to Rushden and Wellingborough (N)
Road to St Neots (NE) done done
Road to Cambridge (E) done? done?
Road to Baldock (SE) ? ?
Road to Luton (S) done done
Road to Milton Keynes (SW) done done
Road to Newport Pagnell (W) done done
Road to Northampton (NNW) done done
Road to Sandy (E) done done

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More maps

New slippy-map of Bedford, June 2006

Bedford raw tracklogs, as of June 2006

Wide area, with Bedford, Northampton, Milton Keynes, and Luton