Beijing Suburban Railway

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BCR (Beijing City Rail) also known as Beijing Suburban Railway is a commuter rail service that connects urban Beijing with outlying districts beyond the reach of the city's Beijing Subway network. The suburban rail services run on existing China Railway lines.

The suburban rail services are managed by the China Railway Beijing Group, an agency of the Ministry of Railways that is not affiliated with the operators of Beijing Subway.

There are 4 suburban railway corridors currently in operation: Line S2, Sub-Central line, Huairou–Miyun line and Tongmi line.

In operation

Beijing Suburban Railway
Line Service route Length stations relationship
Sub-Central Liangxiang-Qiaozhuangdong 63.7 6 relation 11482970
S2 Huangtudian-Yanqing/Shacheng 108.3 6 relation 11494225
Huairou-Miyun Beijingbei-Huairoubei/Gubeikou 144.6 7 relation 11494329
Tongmi Tongzhouxi-Huairoubei/Miyunbei 83.4 7 relation 11494397

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