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Bend Parks and Rec District (BPRD) informed me on a phone call that the data for the park boundaries and trails was available, and I was free to import it into OSM.

The data consists of about 30-40 park boundaries with misc tagging. There are about 5 parks already in OSM from other contributors.

Steve Jorgensen <> provided me with shapefiles for the import via email. He also informed me over the phone that there were no restrictions on the data.

Import Plan Outline


Parks are underrepresented in OSM data in Bend. The goal is to map all the parks that were provided by BPRD.



Import Data


Data source site: Shapefile data was provided in an email; a copy is here:
Type of license: Public Domain
ODbL Compliance verified: yes

OSM Data Files

Import Type

This is a one-time import via JOSM.

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

Ways will be simplified using JOSM's Simplify Way tool with a max error of 0.25 meters.

Tagging Plans

Tags to be Changed

Park_Name will be changed to name.

Tags to be removed

All other existing tags will be removed.

Tags to be added

Will also add tag leisure=park to any element with a Park_Name tag.

Changeset Tags

Bend OR Parks Import
Bend OR Parks and Recreation Department, 2014 parks export
Public Domain

Data Transformation

Shapefile will be loaded into JOSM using the OpenData plugin.

An OSM XML export will be performed from JOSM.

A custom Python script will do tag manipulation, producing the final OSM XML.

Data Transformation Results

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach



After the transformation is done, above, the import will take place in a single changeset. The dataset size is small.


OSM data will be used except when it obviously contradicts BPRD data. Since park boundaries aren't obvious, BPRD will be given some value as the authority.


Every park will be manually inspected.