Benton County, Oregon

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Benton, Oregon
latitude: 44.5645, longitude: -123.2620
Browse map of Benton 44°33′52.20″ N, 123°15′43.20″ W
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Benton is a county in Oregon at latitude 44°33′52.20″ North, longitude 123°15′43.20″ West.

OpenStreetMap images (and underlying map data) are freely available under OpenStreetMap License.

Cities in Benton County

Corvallis, Oregon

Address import project


Please help out by adding a list of any group that we could be contacting to help out.

  1. The main way to stay in touch right now is via this Google Groups mailing list:
  2. Corvallis Neighborhood Association
  3. Peak Sports - we need to post to their Facebook page. This means one of us needs a Facebook account. :-)
  4.  ??? add more here

County-wide addresses and building footprints

This is the current focus for the Corvallis OpenSource GIS group. (According to User:Brian Wilson's worldview anyway.)

The proposed process: There are some refinements that will added here after Brian has a chance to read todays emails from OSM people.

1: Load all the relevant data into the GEO-CEG PostGIS server. This has been done already for Benton county and OSM data. It can now be visualized in QGIS. SWEET! If you want direct access send Brian an email.

2: QGIS map It would be nice if someone would design a killer QGIS map using this. We have a working one but it's merely functional not beautiful. We need to find out how to symbolize OSM data in QGIS.

3A: Address points best case: get the address point data that was done by Geosolve for the 911 project. It should be VERY high quality data.

3B: alt: Address points, crowd source: If we can't get the 911 data, generate point data and use volunteers to correct it.

Use the county "houses" and "taxlots" to generate a point for each taxlot with attributes. (I suspect the attributes are out of date in "houses" and it only covers a small percentage of the county.) Location will come from "houses" where available and from taxlot centroids for others.

For the centroid derived sites, using PostGIS, try to identify the main building on each lot based on size. If this is possible, move the point from the centroid to the centroid of the building footprint.

At this point the data can be put into a "benton_address.osm" file and distributed to volunteers, who can correct points in their designated areas.

4 and 5 TBD: I am sure we are leaving out several TBD steps here... including possibly breaking the job down into several areas instead of doing just one big import.

6: Human intervention: Our local "crowd" reviews the data and refines it any way they see fit. Part of this is

6A: Remove duplicates: There are already a few building footprints in OSM in the Benton county area, especially on campus. Volunteers will need to look at each one, and either fix the OSM version as needed and remove our version or remove it so that the new one take precedence.

7: Review The data gets passed to the OpenStreetMap imports-us map, and they review and comment on it and perhaps send it back to step 3.

8: IMPORT Data finally gets loaded into OpenStreetMap database.

Status of Mapping Benton County Parks and Natural Areas

  • Adair County Park -- Mapping in process: Boundary done, roads done, trails ToDo, amenity ToDo.
  • Alsea Falls Recreational Site
  • Alsea Hatchery
  • Anderson Park
  • Aquathusiasts boat ramp
  • Beazell Memorial Forest
  • Bellfountain County Park
  • Bowman Park
  • Bruce Starker Arts Park
  • Bryant Park
  • Campbell Boat Landing
  • Clemens County Park
  • Conner's Camp
  • E E Wilson
  • Ellmaker Park
  • Fitton Green Natural Area
  • Fort Hoskins Historic Park
  • Hyak County Park
  • Irish Bend County Park
  • Jackson-Frazier Wetland
  • Marys Peak Campground
  • Marys Peak Summit Viewpoint and trails
  • Marys Peak Wayside
  • William Finley N.W.R.
  • Mary's River Park
  • Mill Creek County Park
  • Missouri Bend Recreation Site
  • Monteith Riverpark
  • North Albany County Park
  • Peavy Arboretum
  • Peoria Park
  • Riveredge Group Camp
  • Salmonberry County Park
  • Takena Landing
  • Truax Island
  • Washburne Wayside

Color Coding

Color Description Navigation Status Help Requested
Red Little data acquired Not usable ToDo
Orange Data partially acquired Limited use only ToDo
Green Finished, needs checking Usability with restrictions Please check
Blue Mapping Mature Complete and checked Look for changes and update

Other potential projects


The GNIS for Oregon was imported, and this covers Benton county, but it's wildly inaccurate at scales useful for street maps. All GNIS points need to be checked and corrected. The imported GNIS data is also quite old now.


Only a few parks have been mapped. Boundaries need to be added from GIS data and trails and amenities need to be added by field mappers.

Data sources

Some data is available from Benton County GIS Services here:

The Benton County GIS Coordinator, Doug Sackinger, has been very helpful in making data available that is NOT on the Web site.

They appear to keep the data on this server up to date.

Data available include building footprints derived from air photos, taxlots with good attributes, centerlines for the roads, and a variety of other things including park, public lands, and natural features.

Most data is in shapefile format. There is a file geodatabase that is in an early format (ArcGIS 9) that can't be read by the current version of the ESRI API so it can't be read in GDAL or other free tools. There is one personal geodatabase (



Doug Sackinger, GIS Coordinator for Benton County, Oregon says we are able to use the data and directed my attention to the copyright notice. As Doug put it he considers us "the public" so we are free to use this data.

Benton County Copyright Policy

As required by 17 U.S.C. 403, third parties producing copyrighted works consisting predominantly of the material produced by US government agencies must provide notice with such work(s) identifying the US Government material incorporated and stating that such material is not subject to copyright protection. The information on government Web pages is in the public domain unless specifically annotated otherwise (copyright may be held elsewhere) and may therefore be used freely by the public.