Bergen (Norway)

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Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
latitude: 60.38, longitude: 5.34
Browse map of Bergen 60°22′48.00″ N, 5°20′24.00″ E
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Bergen is a city in Hordaland, Norway at latitude 60°22′48.00″ North, longitude 5°20′24.00″ East.

Map of Bergen from OpenStreetMap


Bergen is Norways second largest city, with a population of 250.000 (2008), and is situated on the west coast, with easy access to both fjords and mountains. The city itself is surrounded by smaller mountains, making the city spread out in between and around the mountains, at the same time providing easy access to mountain trips accessible from the city center by foot.

OSM Coverage

  • Road network in the city center is pretty much done.
  • Coverage to the outskirts is improving, with southwards coverage improving most rapidly currenly.



There will be a Mapping Party in may 2009