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Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex

latitude: 50.8424, longitude: 0.4676
Browse map of Bexhill-on-Sea 50°50′32.64″ N, 0°28′03.36″ E
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Bexhill-on-Sea is a town in East Sussex at latitude 50°50′32.64″ North, longitude 0°28′03.36″ East.

Bexhill-on-Sea (or just Bexhill) is a town in the ceremonial county of East Sussex, South East England.

Bexhill OpenStreetMap

Bexhill-OSM.jpg aims to continuously archive the town as it stands today. Helping people discover wealth of information on places through historical overlays, photos, directions, research articles and local knowledge. Often engaging the community in talks and lectures on how to get involved in OpenStreetMap.

The website is completely open-source and can be found on GitHub. Case studies on the project can be found here and here

Contact user Bexhill-OSM (Alexis Markwick) for more information.

Tagging tips for editors

Below are tags used around the Bexhill-on-Sea area. Also see

Tag Description Example Bexhill-OSM
contact=* Preference to use this prefix on shops and businesses. contact:phone=+44 1424 123456
dog=* Dog friendly establishments. dog=yes [2]
drinking_water:refill:network=* Mark 'Bexfill' points where the public can refill water bottles. drinking_water:refill:network=Bexfill
shop=vacant Keeps track of empty shops. [4]
wikimedia_commons=* Link to a single photo. Overflow multiple images when separated by semicolons using numbered namespace. wikimedia_commons=File:example1.jpg
wikimedia_commons:pano=* Links to a 360 panoramic image, or multiple panoramas when separated by semicolons. Can overflow into a numbered suffix. wikimedia_commons:pano=File:example1.jpg;File:example2.jpg
wikimedia_commons:video=* Links to a video, or multiple videos when separated by semicolons. Can overflow into a numbered suffix. wikimedia_commons:video=File:example1.webm;File:example2.webm
image=* A direct link to a photo, or multiple photos when separated by semicolons. Can overflow into a numbered namespace. image=;
image:source=* Attribution for the photo above, or multiple photo attributions when separated by semicolons. image:source=J Bloggs;A Smith
ref:planningapp=* Planning reference number via ref:planningapp=RR/0000/0000/P [9]
ref:historicplanningapp=* Historic planning reference number via ref:historicplanningapp=B/00/000 [10]
ref:esher=* East Sussex Historic Environment Record via ref:esher=MES123 [11]
ref:iwm=* Imperial War Museum: War Memorials Register via ref:iwm=12345 [12]
ref:publicsculpturesofsussex=* Public Sculptures of Sussex object id via ref:publicsculpturesofsussex=123 [13]
url:bexhillhistorytrail=* URL path to an article on url:bexhillhistorytrail=appendix-c-st-barnabus-church-sea-road [14]
url:bexhillnature=* URL path to an article on url:bexhillnature=collington [15]
website:booking=* Full URL to accommodation booking. website:booking= [16]
website:orders=* Full URL to online food ordering for restaurants. website:orders= [17]

Aligning imagery

Bexhill was originally aligned to Bing aerial imagery from 2016, today it is best to use OSMUK Cadastral Parcels (land_registry_index_polygons).

You can use the walls around Lane's Garden in the Town Hall Square as reference to a good alignment.