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Bicester, Oxfordshire

latitude: 51.904, longitude: -1.155
Browse map of Bicester 51°54′14.40″ N, 1°09′18.00″ W
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Bicester is a town in Oxfordshire at latitude 51°54′14.40″ North, longitude 1°09′18.00″ West.

Bicester is a small town in North Oxfordshire close to the M40.

Mapping progress

The area in the image contains roughly,

  • 7,002 nodes with 228 tags
  • 7,976 segments
  • 2,282 ways with 3,921 tags.



  • Cooper School (incorporating Glory Farm Primary and Bardwell) - mapped and mostly tracked. South east border which backs onto Lancaster close, Wellington Close is extrapolated. Individual school areas not done.
  • South Park primary - mapped. The position of borders backing onto houses are guessed.
  • Longfields primary - neither tracked or mapped.
  • Brookside - neither tracked or mapped.
  • St Marys - neither tracked or mapped.
  • St Edburgs - mapped.
  • Bicester Community College - neither mapped or tracked.


  • Lots of unmapped footpaths in Leach road and Blenheim drive area map.
  • Track the stream from where it leaves Bure Park and arrives at Hunt Close.
  • Get tracks for railway lines south of Bicester North station and north of Bicester Town station.
  • Football club. map.
  • Cemetery, some paths missing. map.
  • Garth Park. I think just the skate park and buildings left. map.