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This is the import page for Bicing Barcelona. The import is related to the bicycle rental stations published at the [1] portal.

Bicing Stations

The bicing stations dataset currently contains about 400 stations. The import will:

  • be one time import
  • avoid publishing a station if a station exists already in a 100 m. radius (i.e. a mapper already created the station in OpenStreetMap)
  • inform about already created stations to provide information to merge the current data

The initial discussion about Bicing Import took place on the talk-es [AT] mailing list: follow the original thread (in Spanish). The plan hereby described already takes into consideration suggestions and improvements discussed with the Spanish community.

The discussion with the imports [AT] mailing list is took place here: follow the thread (in English).

The software used to import the "bicing stations" from an XML feed towards OpenStreetMap has been open sourced. Its source code can be found on GitHub.


The data license is CC-BY-3.0.


Import all the bicing stations not currently available in Barcelona and unify tagging in the current present ones.


Following are the fields of changesets related to this import:

Name Description
source "Barcelona de Serveis Municipals"
url:en ""


Node fields about bicing stations:

Name Description
latitude Latitude
longitude Longitude
ref number of the station
name "street, number" (if there is no number just the "street")
network "Bicing"
amenity "bicycle_rental"
operator "Clear Channel"
capacity The number of slots of the station (always in 3 multiples)
fixme "Comprobar el numero de slots en la estacion e informar la etiqueta capacity con ese valor" (only used if capacity is 0, a text the suggest how to inform properly about the capacity)

Processing existing nodes

The import procedure checks for the existence of bicycle_rental within the range of 100 meters from the location of the source node and, if found, the source node is saved in a diferent file for a further manual revision.