Big baseball project 2011/press release

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Press release for the Big baseball project 2011

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OpenStreetMap baseball mapping project is adding baseball diamonds to their map, and they need your help! Over the next few weeks (during the playoffs and the world series) this special project invites you to join in with editing the map to add any baseball diamonds near where you live, and anywhere you can spot them in aerial imagery. Find out more here:

OpenStreetMap is a good cause. It's a not-for-profit project to create a free (open licensed) map of the world. By banding together with thousands of other contributors on the internet you can help build this fantastic free resource. Sign up on to get access to the 'edit' tab, and you'll soon find that contributing to the map is a lot of fun. It allows you to add all kinds of details: footpaths, restaurants, and anything which interests you in your local community, but can you find any missing baseball diamonds?

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