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Bolt is a Tallinn-based technology company that offers ride-hailing, food delivery, micromobility and logistics services through its app in Estonia and operates in over 200 cities in 40 countries in Europe, Africa, Western Asia and Latin America.

OSM Support and Usage

Bolt likes to be part of the OSM community and help improve the map. Many places, road network and other map data attributes across Africa, Europe and Latin America might not be accurate or identifiable. Bolt would like to improve map attributes which will give rich information to OSM contributors.

Bolt’s Geo team will be working on OpenStreetMap and provide valuable contributions. Bolt also uses OpenStreetMap’s data in its applications where it’s coverage and quality is high compared to commercial providers. Bolt will also be listing down all its mapping projects information here

OSM Data Mapping Guidelines

Bolt’s primary objective is to add/align road geometry which enhances OSM data overall.

In certain instances, the existing road geometry is either incorrectly mapped or missing. We plan to use various sources available publicly to map such data and improve the overall map quality of OSM.

When it comes to feedback, we are open to it and will always take it into consideration, as local community knowledge and expertise always precedes. Improvements that will be addressed include the following:

  1. Adding missing roads
  2. Validate existing tags like- classification - Residential, Trunk, Motorway etc and attributes - Bridge, Tunnel, links etc.
  3. Cities might be revisited on the basis of new improvements and/or internal requirements.

Process Flow

Below is the detailed process description on how Bolt does mapping:

  1. Bolt smoothened GPS traces(internal and non-downloadable file)
  2. Find the best imagery properly aligned per GPS traces and ground truth
  3. Use JOSM with GPS traces and best imagery as reference
  4. Visually identify missing roads and add them
  5. Correct classification and attribute errors in existing data
  6. Run validation and fix all errors and warnings
  7. Upload changeset with appropriate comments

Tools & Other Practices

The team will use JOSM for completing the task. JOSM has the OSM and Bolt GPS traces (internal and non-downloadable file), and validation warnings for road networks and other possible issues that are important to prevent improper changes.

Bolt follows OSM's global and local policies, along with any other guidelines as appropriate. Bolt will also reach out to local OSM communities before beginning work, to gather feedback, suggestions and learn more about the data and tags used in that area.

Data sources and imagery we will use are listed here. Bolt will research and use local tags and defer to local mappers, and also check the JOSM history on items to see why previous edits and changes were made. The team will provide changeset comments that are in compliance with OSM changeset guidelines.

Validation Checks

Bolt will use various QA and data quality tools such as JOSM validation warnings and errors, as well as best practices on data quality from the OpenStreetMap Wiki page and LearnOSM.

Bolt Mapping Team

Here’s the list of our team members that are directly contributing to OSM

Bolt001, Bolt002, Bolt003, Bolt004, Bolt005, Bolt006, Bolt007, Bolt008, Bolt009, Bolt010, Bolt011, Bolt012, Bolt013, Bolt014, Bolt015, Bolt016, Bolt017, Bolt018, Bolt019, Bolt020, Bolt021, Bolt022, Bolt023

Please send any general feedback on Bolt’s work on OpenStreetMap to Bolt001.

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