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Boracay, Philippines

latitude: 11.919, longitude: 121.93
Browse map of Boracay 11°55′08.40″ N, 121°55′48.00″ E
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Boracay is an island in the Philippines at latitude 11°55′08.40″ North, longitude 121°55′48.00″ East.

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Roads and paths

  • Roads and paths need to be added and corrected.
  • More work needs to be done on categorization and tagging roads.
  • The table below needs to be reworked to better fit with the Boracay map
motorway trunk primary secondary tertiary residential unclassified service
Rendering-highway motorway neutral.png Rendering-highway trunk neutral.png Rendering-highway primary neutral.png Rendering-highway secondary neutral.png Rendering-highway tertiary neutral.png Rendering-highway residential.png Rendering-highway unclassified.png Rendering-highway service.png
Interstate Highways and other Expressways. Separated roadways with exit ramps but not part of the interstate system. US and State Routes. Other major roads. Other. Roads accessing or around residential areas. Unnamed roads. Roads found in cemeteries, parking lots, and alleyways.


  • areas need to be marked where landuse can be applied.