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Import building and address data for the city of Bothell, WA


  • Planning: Spring 2018
  • Import: Spring/Summer 2018
  • QA: Summer/Fall 2018

Import Data


Provide links to your sources.

Data source site: [1]
Data license: Need to contact Bothell GIS to confirm
Info on website: The City makes no representation or warranty that the GIS data provided by this FTP site is accurate, true or correct. In using the data, it’s understood and agreed the information provided may be subject to error. GIS Data produced by the City of Bothell is intended for internal purposes only. The Data is made available on an "as is" condition with no representation or guarantee made concerning the accuracy, currency, or completeness of the information provided.
Type of license (if applicable): e.g. CC-BY-SA, Public Domain, Public Domain with Attribution, etc.
Link to permission (if required): e.g. link to mail list reference url -
OSM attribution (if required):
ODbL Compliance verified: yes/no

OSM Data Files

Link to your source data files that you have prepared for the import - e.g. the .osm files you have derived from the data sources.

Import Type

This will be a one time import.

JOSM will be used to upload data in N parts.

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

Data that is already in OSM will not be overwritten unless it's clear that the OSM data is outdated. This should only be an issue in retail/commercial areas as residential areas are unmapped.

Tagging Plans

Buildings to Building = yes Address attributes to appropriate keys.

Changeset Tags

Edits will be marked with source = Bothell WA GIS

Data Transformation

Data source files are .shp and will have to be converted. ogr2osm[2] should be able to handle the coversion and correction of tags to be correct for OSM.

Data Transformation Results

Post a link to your OSM XML files.

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach



Data will be checked using the following:

  • Local Knowledge
  • Mapbox Satellite View
  • Existing OSM Data


  1. Transform data from .shp to osm xml
  2. Load data into JOSM
  3. Prune data to current working area
  4. Check sat view and existing data to ensure data is reasonable
  5. Commit changes and update tasking manager
  6. Second QA pass using data downloaded from OSM, preferably by different person and update tasking manager


Current plan is for this to be handled manually in JOSM.


HOT tasking manager will be used to keep track of which areas have been checked. Data will be checked for:

  • overlapping buildings
  • out of date buildings
  • redundant addresses