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Import building and address data for the city of Bothell, WA


  • Planning: Spring 2018
  • Import/QA: Spring 2018-May 2019
    • Data Translation
    • Announce Import
    • Data Import
  • Updates October 2019

Import Data


Data source site: [1]
Data license: The City makes no representation or warranty that the GIS data provided by this FTP site is accurate, true or correct. In using the data, it’s understood and agreed the information provided may be subject to error. GIS Data produced by the City of Bothell is intended for internal purposes only. The Data is made available on an "as is" condition with no representation or guarantee made concerning the accuracy, currency, or completeness of the information provided.

Disclaimer from city(also found on contributors page): The City of Bothell has developed data and maps for its own use. That data is provided to third-parties by permission of the City of Bothell. The City of Bothell does not warrant, support, or endorse any third-party applications or websites that use Bothell data, even those that the City may provide links to for informational purposes to the general public. The City of Bothell does not make any representations or guarantees concerning the accuracy, currency, or completeness of the information provided by or contained in any third-party applications and websites, in part because such data may have been modified from its original source. The City of Bothell does not provide any warranty, express or implied, of the accuracy or fitness for a particular use, and the City shall not be held liable for improper or incorrect use of the data. Users access and use third-party applications and websites and the data therein at their own risk and liability.

Import Type

This will be a one time import.

Data will be split by voting district and uploaded in chunks under the user patricknoll_import.

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

Data that is already in OSM will not be overwritten unless it's clear that the OSM data is outdated. This should only be an issue in retail/commercial areas as residential areas are unmapped. Kirkland Addresses will be removed since they have been previously imported.

Tagging Plans

Translate all information provided by city to appropriate OSM tags for buildings.

Address attributes of housenumber, street, city and zip for all addresses. Unit will be added where applicable.

See ogr2osm translation files for details.

Changeset Tags

Edits will be marked with source = Bothell WA GIS

Data Transformation

  1. Data source files are .shp and will be pulled into postgres db using sql scripts called from bash script
  2. Address conflation done using sql scripts on postgres with postgis
  3. Data output from postgres db to shp using pgsql2shp called from bash script that outputs data into many files corresponding to voting district
  4. shp files converted and tags translated to OSM xml using ogr2osm and corresponding translation files for buildings and addresses

Scripts in scripts folder of import repository

Data Transformation Results

OSM xml files in /scripts/osm folder of import repository

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach



Data will be checked using the following:

  • Local Knowledge
  • Bing Sat view/Mapbox Satellite View
  • Existing OSM Data


Initial Translation

  1. Transform data using scripts in code repository


  1. Check sat view and existing data to ensure data is reasonable
  2. Crop file to upload all buildings and addresses with no conflicting OSM data
  3. Commit changes
  4. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 with next OSM xml file
  5. Conflate bothell data and existing OSM data using JOSM conflation
  6. Second QA pass using data downloaded from OSM


Buildings with one address will have address added to building. Buildings with multiple addresses will not be combined. This will be done using scripts before the actual import starts.


Data will be checked for:

  • overlapping buildings
  • out of date buildings
  • redundant addresses


Updates using 20190930 data from the city are being done to keep up with the rapid construction in the area. Data merge workflow is the same except inital data translation is being done with ogr2osm only instead of the scripts originally used.

Areas are updated when construction is noted using sat imagery, survey or areas lacking building footprints when first imported. Street names are added using adjactent addresses for reference on a nonimport account.