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Le 14 octobre 2020, les invitations à rejoindre le groupe OSM-BFC ont été envoyées par messages depuis OpenStreetMap à 111 contributeurs sélectionnés depuis

Ces derniers avaient un minimum de 10 modifications et avaient contribué en BFC durant les 6 derniers mois.

D'autres ont été invités ou informés par d'autres moyens les jours suivants, et figurent également dans la liste.

Vous pouvez consulter la carte des contributeurs dans la région.

Cette liste sert à maintenir une trace des contributeurs invités, ceux ayant accepté, décliné ou n'ayant pas répondu.

Contributeur Réponse Commentaire
acubens71 yes
Adrien_D maybe
AJA21 yes
Alain 9-0 maybe
Alexandre148025 yes
Amélied maybe
anaskiee maybe
Antoine ALLAIN maybe
Aroche yes
bbrice8 maybe
Balix yes
Benoît Masson maybe
BeruNoir yes
bhue maybe
billiob maybe
biologeek yes
bullitss maybe
Camille Jeannin maybe
Cédric Perrier yes
Chriscoz maybe
cichlid maybe
claimand_quausty maybe
clashgone maybe
Claude70170 maybe
Cyrille Léger maybe
Dæni yes
Damouns Non applicable N'habite plus dans la région.
Daniel Dehennin maybe
david89 maybe
Dd-90 maybe
Dfaure maybe
Didier GAMET maybe
Dhyd no
Djailla maybe
Djelouze maybe
Dlareg yes
ebraf maybe
electron_6 maybe
emmanuelalex maybe
Fl0wrz maybe
Florent Garnier maybe
fnuttens maybe
Fraifrai yes
franCk yes
frantz58 maybe
franz_k maybe
FrViPofm Non applicable N'habite plus dans la région.
Fvonbdf maybe
Geekdu39 maybe
Gen_Gavi maybe
Gillpk maybe
Gimli_36 maybe
ginbi2 yes
GrochatFC maybe
Gustry maybe
hades73440 yes
Icephale yes
jcoupey maybe
Jeffdelonge maybe
Jérémy Nicvert maybe
JessydeVilly maybe
Joel Messager maybe
Julien39 yes
Julien Carnot maybe
Juraastro maybe
Kiu maybe
Lark585 maybe
Larrog21 maybe
Laurent_Hood maybe
Laurent39 maybe
laurent89 yes
lguillemin maybe
lmagreault yes
Loïc Maing yes
louis1806 maybe
Lugiadri1 maybe
Luque yes
Mapdan89 yes
mariktls yes
MatthieuMartin maybe
Moudex maybe
mumuxe maybe
Muselaar yes
Nico7184 maybe
Nicolas Girardot maybe
Nono7139 maybe
Olivier Faivre yes
omaOSM maybe
osm_71 maybe
petrusko yes
Philippe21 maybe
PierreVivet yes
plnew maybe
pmau maybe
poitre maybe
py_berrard Non applicable N'habite plus dans la région.
pyrog yes
Polo486 maybe
Quentin Bouteiller maybe
Rahul Bismarck maybe
Rail Projet maybe
Ramanujan23 yes
Robin Chubret maybe
Rom M maybe
Romain Déoux maybe
Rv121119 maybe
Rybusy yes
Sam390 yes
shangka maybe
Simon Joliet maybe
sorau maybe
stef021 yes
StopTout yes
Sukkoria maybe
Sylvain Pillot maybe
tanonin yes
Tarto71 maybe
tbarthelet maybe
Tifred25 maybe
tounoki maybe
vilbail maybe
Vincent21 maybe
Yoda89 maybe
yopyop25 yes
yroussel maybe
yswa yes